Professor Belli | Spring 2022 | City Tech | ENG 3402: Topics in Literature

My intention for this project is to minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed at the end of every day. In terms of value, I want to be able to be relaxed after a busy day. That way I can be effective in getting everything I have put to the side and not complain of getting headaches or motivation to get anything done. As for my desire, I want to see a long-term effect after the project. I hope from this project I can stick to a schedule and endure I spend enough time a day on meditation. I am planning to do it the night before sleeping to possibly improve my sleep schedule. As for any fears I do not have any just because I genuinely want to see if there would be any long-term results. I will be using the app is smiling mind, the reason is that it is free and seem to have a wide range of meditation session, the time for each session can range from 15 min or even short 5 minutes. The qualities I have been looking for in an app are ones that would help me ‘recover’ from a busy day and get my sleeping schedule back on track. This app offers a small variety for sleep improvement but also stress which could help greatly when feeling overwhelmed. As for other apps I had investigated, there was calm it is an app that focuses solely on relaxing to improve sleep however, there is a monthly fee I am not quite certain would benefit now. While they do provide free sessions, it is very minimal. Another reason I did not choose this app is because of the numerous technical problems reported to occur on the app. The third app I had put into consideration was Aura, which is considered the best for sleep therapy, as mentioned before I do not want to invest in an app just yet, but rather looking for a friendly cost-free app. This app is more focused on breathing techniques and no other variety which seems off-putting because I may just be bored rather than relaxed. As for my plan, I will be doing it during the nighttime just before sleeping I would spend my time planning beforehand and meditate for about 10 minutes and jot down the effect and when I wake up I will write if it actually worked.


  1. Olga Santos

    For this project, my intention is to improve my sleep. I find that if I do not get enough sleep the following day I end up being stressed quite quickly or going to sleep feeling overwhelmed from the day or the next. Overall, to minimize the negative feelings before going to sleep.
    As for any preconceptions I hope to be able to obtain the result of getting a better sleep schedule in the long run. An additional benefit of this project would be to continue the meditation even after the project was done. Concerns that I have will be whether or not my motivation will be able to continue for the duration of the project. In my past experience, I would only meditate when needed, not a daily thing. I worry about whether or not I won’t obtain the same satisfying result when finishing with the meditation of the day.
    My plan for action is that I will be using a smiling mind, it is an app that targets a wide range of audiences from kids to adults, to workers, or to individual care. Not to mention the wide range of meditation audio that is provided while being a free app (in-purchase available for more audio). As for my plan, I will be doing it during the night just before going to bed daily. I will spend about 5 minutes before meditation in order to jot down my feelings at the moment and after meditation. That way when I wake up, I can jot down whether or not I had a good sleep. I will continue to do this in hopes of seeing improvement in the long run.

  2. Jill Belli

    Thanks Olga for your thoughts, both in the original post and the latest comment. I’m glad to hear you’re hoping to use meditation to help with stress and to relax and have better sleep — it should help with all of those! I think it makes sense to do it before bedtime — just make sure you are awake enough to do the 15 minutes post-meditation freewrite each night (I imagine you may just want to drift off to sleep after meditating!). Maybe winding down with the meditation & reflective writing an hour or so before you aim to go to sleep might be useful? That’s something I do sometimes, and it can help you de-stress from the day quite a bit.

    Also, friendly reminder to include the links for the apps you researched (so I and others can check them out too) — can you drop them in a comment here? Thanks!

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