Professor Belli | Spring 2022 | City Tech | ENG 3402: Topics in Literature

“The Power of Now”

The Power of Now” of self-help and the notion of individuals discovering the genuine meaning of finding their own self-help.When it comes to self-help, this book opens up several categories of acceptance and wisdom. This, I believe, is critical because, in order to really comprehend what self-help is and how vital it is, we must first grasp all of the factors that go into it, as well as how they interact, so that we may become more relevant and have a clear idea of what it implies. The phrase enlightenment, according to the author, is intentionally made heavy, yet it is not what it is considered to be. It’s portrayed as ego’s heroic achievement. To enjoy joy in life, one must be mindful of the current moment. Self-reflection and being present in the moment are concepts that, combined with exercise and meditation, lead to the realization of one’s own ideals. The central theme of this book is that we are pure awareness, beings of love, pleasure, and peace at our heart. Most of us are in pain and struggling because we have unconsciously identified with our mind and false sense of ourselves. Regaining consciousness of our original selves and being fully connected to being is what enlightenment implies.

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  1. Jill Belli

    Ashley, this is a good start — would love to see you expand your ideas, and ground them in a close reading of the text (with specific, concrete details and excerpts to support your discussion).

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