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People’s Choice Posts #5: The Power of Now

This week’s People’s Choice focuses on responses to The Power of Now. As always looking forward to seeing what you choose, & why!


  1. Kashfi Siddique

    I vote for Hannah Taveras. The reason why I chose Hannah’s post because I like how she felt that the book has opened up her knowledge towards self-help and contrast this text from other text. Also, she uses textual evidence from this text to prove her response and explains what these quote really illustrates and what Tolle is trying to say. While reading her post, she illustrates that she really understand the true concept/ key idea of this text and how she dig deep on this text by saying ” Our feelings, emotions, thoughts, perceptions and more all play a huge role in our self help journey because it is all mental and attacks your emotional and mental factors. This reading showed be how I never really took the time to fully understand the spiritual factors of self help and how I only encourage it as being kind and patient with yourself when that isn’t it, digging deep and understanding one’s true self no matter how uncomfortable it can be is honestly the right way to go about self help. Accepting and focusing on your inner resistance is key in this reading ” which really brilliant explanation and brilliant response. My rating for her post is 5/5. Brilliant!!! Outstanding!!! and Excellent!!!! Hannah Keep it up!!.

    • Hanna Taveras

      Thank You!!! I appreciate it so much you made my night!!!

  2. Hanna Taveras

    “The People of Now”-
    I vote for Eliana, I vote for her because she wrote her perspective and perception on the power of now. I really liked how she mentioned the different terms of mind, happiness, and conscious because those three elements are presented in the book and all revolve towards the power of now and the present time. I really also enjoyed the parts in where he spoke on his pain as well it gives us a glimpse of his life, feelings, and emotions in where we can connect and acknowledge him as a author. I liked her blog in general and feel as if she touched and explained all the components needed for explaining. Great Job

  3. Julie Lynch

    My vote is for Erick:

    While reading, Erick’s response was very straightforward because he talked about the reader’s perspective on the book how it excellently affects them to focus on the present and not the past or future. He detailed where he cited his information in the text to provide what the quotes illustrate and what Tolle stated. I like how Erick gave a lot of knowledge about the self-help book by adding the pages to what the passage means in his words and having to express how he felt about the self-help book. I like what Erick said that he is not the one to sit down and read self-help books. However, I understand what he thinks because sometimes it can be a lot of reading to comprehend all the knowledge from the self-help books.

  4. George A

    My vote for this week is for Erick. It’s clear he understood the author’s objective with this book and the ideas being used. He included points from both the front matter and the back matter to give us a better idea of Eckhart and how his status so he could be shown that his ideas isn’t biased. He includes the quotes used from the book from the author’s idea of improving human evolution. He even includes his own honest opinion of not only this book but the self help books in general.

  5. Ashley

    I vote Dmondel for this weeks People’s Choice
    His response was very in depth and detailed about what the book is about. His response was broken down in parts explaining the front matter all the way to the back matter. I liked he used quotations from the book as well as the number of the pages he found these quotes. If I were to not read to book I would get a gist and better understanding of what I’ll be reading from Dmodel reading response

  6. Kelani

    For this week’s People’s Choice, I voted for Ashley. I feel that her take on this book was very eloquently said and I love when she said in her response, “Most of us are in pain and struggling because we have unconsciously identified with our mind and false sense of ourselves.” This is referencing our thinking and how it causes us to suffer and take over our lives. This was a big takeaway from the text for me as well but I couldn’t put it into words the way Ashley did. Great job 🙂

    “The Power of Now”

  7. Olga Santos

    I vote for Erick for this week’s people’s choice
    His response is well written and covers the important aspects of the book. He goes in-depth about the front matter and the author used it to seem credible and nonbias. For instance, “Eckhart Tolle is a contemporary spiritual teacher who is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition”. Which can be seen throughout the text and the use of speech. Another thing from this response was the purpose the author had made the text, “The Power of Now continues to play its part in the urgent task of the transformation of human consciousness” which gives a glimpse of the author’s intention of creating and informing the reader what they have already, but just don’t notice.

  8. Katie Lynch

    My vote is for Julie Lynch . While reading her post I felt like she got straight to the important points of the writing. She brought up the fact that there were many strategies that Tolle gave and that he showed how to execute them in your life. Julie went on to mention the importance that was placed on living in the present, because that is all we really have. One of my favorite parts from her entry was “A quote from the book “our mind is our worst enemy,” according to Tolle. It loves to get itself into situations”. I think that stood out to me most because I myself am always saying how we are our own worst enemy and sometimes our minds lie to us.

  9. Jill Belli

    Thanks to all for your comments, and congrats to Erick for being chosen as this week’s People’s Choice!

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