Professor Belli | Spring 2022 | City Tech | ENG 3402: Topics in Literature

class notes-3/29

Prof. Belli began today’s class doing aa bit of self reflecting on the reading “the power of now”

which lead to the writing  prompt and our main :

Healing my self begins when-

some of the answers from classmates :

  • accepting reality
  • meditate/breath
  • acknowledgment
  • peace with myself
  • accepting thing and the changes that come with it

Healing our world begins with –

  • when we heal our self it allows to heal others
  • pay attention
  • help others heal with out judgment
  • no bias judgment perspective of others
  • accept every one for what they are
  • over look the  negative thoughts
  • have n open mind set

what does it mean to take a direct role of healing

After the writing prompt we discussed the front matter of the book “the power of now”. Things that would that the author placed to catch the reader’s attention. such things were:

The enlarged “Now” – many people who is seeking self-help wants to being now, seeing a book with an enlarged Now says that the one u may want with it being #1 New York best seller and sols over 20 million copies says that this is an popular book who is loved by many would encourage you to get thus book.

We then lead to our thoughts on the book from what we have read and what stuck out to us.

One person stated that the “paused symbol” is now part of her everyday life and she is now obsessed and is now something she would always use.

What stuck with me while reading the book and I still find crazy is when the author stated that we are slaves of our own minds. I woke up the next morning with the statement still in my head and going about my doing as the book say to free yourself from your own mind. thig such as “not giving into your craving”


non attachment -being able to identify something without attachment

recognition without identification knowing something is wrong without knowing specifically knowing  what wrong


Make an additional comment to Class Discussion #6: Healing. Include your direct responses to the two healing prompts (from the Rubin Museum exhibit) as a single comment. This work was done as free writing in class on Tu 3/29, but should be added here by Tu 3/29

peoples choice post #5 due 31

4/7 -Gest professor to observe so let’s all try our best to be on time as usual

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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks so much for these notes Simmone! Could you revise to include the discussion we had on Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’? We’ll be continuing that conversation on Thursday, so it will be good to have today’s discussion reflected here in the notes.

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