This book is definitely giving me a different look on self help entirely when it comes to happiness. He goes into a lot of detail with happiness which I really like. He doesn’t make the term so simple and actually explains in further detail with new terms such as authentic happiness, positive psychology,etc. On page 10, “the primary  problem with the title and with ‘happiness’ is that not only it underexplains what we choose but that the modern ear immediately hears ‘happy’ to mean buoyant mood, merriment, good cheer, and smiling.” His objective is to further detailed and more complex than just being happy itself. The theory he also talks about is Authentic Happiness which has 3 elements which are positive emotion, engagement, and meaning. One thing I do like to point out during this entire book is that he doesn’t reflect on the word negative at all. When I think about improving I believe at some people you have to see your own error to become better and move on. However he uses the word positive a lot to get his point across for self help. He also touched on gratitude in chapter 2 which was additional point to follow up everything else but I do wish there was some more information like he did in chapter one.