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People’s Choice #4: Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being

It’s that time again, for People’s Choice! This time we’re looking at responses to the classic positive psychology text by Martin Seligman, Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being.

As always, comment with your vote, including author/title/link, excerpt, + rationale for choosing it. Looking forward to seeing what emerges here!

Due: Thursday 3/17


  1. Ashley

    I vote Erick Bueno for this weeks people choice. (
    He explained thoroughly the layout of the book from the front matter to the back matter, he used textual evidence from the reading being able to analyze each chapter.
    In Erick’s reading response I liked where something felt relatable towards his life, he stated “I specifically found the excerpt of positive relationships interesting because I could actually relate to what was being said. There have been many situations where I have accomplished something and had good memories with myself, but almost every great accomplishment and moment of happiness has been/ and can relate back to another person…”

  2. Erick Bueno

    For this weeks people choice I vote for Dmondel:

    As I was reading her blog I enjoyed reading her analysis on the book and chapters we were assigned. “But, as a self-help book, its focal point is on the growth of one’s well-being rather than generally or in the exterior/surroundings”. This statement alone helped me look at the readings with a different lens, because it also is the overall purpose of the book. I also enjoyed reading through her analysis because it was similar to mine but had additional details and perspective. The use of textual evidence and showing an understanding for the material allowed me to see how she perceives the context of the book and also to relate back to mine in order to build a much broader understanding.

  3. Julie Lynch

    This week people choice I vote for Kelani:

    My Feelings on The Three Elements of Happiness

    As I’m reading Kelani’s post, I like how she went in-depth with her idea from the chapter. As, the book overall, its statement is about understanding happiness and well-being. The paragraph that stood out to me was, “Happiness can be measured differently, like how the author mentioned the three types of happiness.” It can mean a lot which means that happiness can be about mood and that in my opinion, sometimes satisfaction alone can’t give life meaning all the time. It is because not everyone can have happiness and well-being in life. So, it offers a more holistic perspective on what it means to feel well-being and have satisfaction. This statement was slightly similar to my post about the textual evidence and understanding of the texts. So, as a self-help book that Kelani was explaining before, she layers out her explanation very thoroughly. I also like how she said in her opinion that happiness is complicated. It allows me to see how she connected with mine to give a more complex understanding of the book.

  4. Hanna Taveras

    For this week I vote on George: Understanding of happiness and well being:
    I vote for George because I agree with various points he made and he explained every point as well. Self help also made me see self-help in a different light as I expressed on my blog and gave me a glimpse of positive psychology as well. He also explained the 3 elements that are presented and sited evidence as well and backed up the things he said. He also made me see that the author never spoke on anything negative just mentioned how we focus on the negative instead of focuses on the positive and the fact that we are all living. I liked how George mentioned points that I never really thought about so I enjoyed reading it.

  5. Olga Santos

    I vote for Eric
    ( )
    His response was very thorough in terms of providing key points being made in each section of the book. In addition, providing his impressions and thoughts alongside each chapter. For instance, “I enjoyed the well-being exercise because I just wanted to get into bed and fall asleep but I tried it for two nights and it really made me open my eye…”. I found this relatable because on the first try of this exercise it seems to take a while to find the three positive things. Overall, the response not only summarizes the book well but it gives a glimpse as to the thought process.

  6. simmone

    for this week people choice my vote goes to Dmondel
    As I continued to read her post, I realized that I actually got a better understanding of the purpose of the book and a few points that the author has made that went right over my head from reading her post. Another thing that has caused me to vote on her post is how organization her post is written, she begins with what the book is about then she goes into dept with a quote from the author and an expiation on what she believes the author is trying to say/ how it was viewed . she did this with many different pages . After reading her post I had different point of view other than my own. “When I hear flourishing, I hear growth, development, prosperity, and etc. But, as a self-help book, its focal point is on the growth of one’s well-being rather than generally or in the exterior/surroundings”

  7. Kelani

    response Flourish by Martin E. P. Seligman

    I vote for Dmondel because she really broke down the evidence that she chose and gave a strong analysis. She also did a really good job of summarizing the first two chapters. I was a bit confused in the first chapter and Dmondel made me understand Seligman’s theory way more than I did when I first read the chapters.

  8. George A

    Flourish’s Impression

    My vote for test week’s people’s choice is Erick Bueno. He described each part he has read well and even had some comments that I have questioned such as using psychology as a scientific study to help relieve human suffering. The writing has summarized the main points while giving what he found relatable to him. Even explaining how he tried the exercise and the positive impact it had on him

  9. Katie Lynch

    For this week I chose Dmondel;

    response Flourish by Martin E. P. Seligman

    She clearly stated what the text was about in a manor that if you hadn’t read it you would still know what it is about. Also being able to peak your interest and make you want to read the text more in depth. Dmondel takes the time to talk about how Seligman is talking about more than just “happiness”, he is discussing well-being. And not just of one person but connects it to the world as a whole. She also breaks down what positive psychology really means according to the text. Dmondel’s writing helps you to understand where the author is coming from and where they are going.

  10. dmondel

    I chose “Do you want to Flourish or just be happy? by KATIE LYNCH.” Firstly, I like the chosen title as we all can see it in previous sentence. Secondly, I appreciate the particular points worth mentioning. And those points are his confidence in promising us flourishing, because the facts are “grounded” scientifically, which can in return affect our confidence into believing him; and the fact that he gave out his personal email address to show his seriousness and keeping his words when he says that he wants to help others. Katie states: “Doing research on the research Martin Seligman has clearly spend years passionately doing in order to help others.”

    Do you want to Flourish or just be happy? – Self-Help Literature (

  11. Kashfi Siddique

    I chose Dmondel because she made excellent clarification of what this book is about and she gave a strong analysis. She did pretty good job making brief summary on the first two chapters. I voted for her because she organize the post and summary very well. She took her time to talk about how Seligman discussing about well-being and it makes me understand what this text is about and how the author is trying to say about happiness and wellbeing.

    response Flourish by Martin E. P. Seligman

  12. dmondel

    (Note I had copied and pasted that link to Microsoft Word but was not a link and Im not sure why. So I had to come back here and paste it directly
    Link to my vote for Katie )

  13. Elaina

    I vote for Dmondel for people choice.
    After reading everyone else perceptive of the reading Dmondel told out to me more. The analysis was more clear than the actual reading.

  14. Jill Belli

    Thanks all for your comments and votes — it was a close call (shout-out to Erick for being a close runner-up)! This week’s People’s Choice goes to Daphney (Dmondel) … congrats 🙂

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