This book started out the same as most self help books being that it isn’t there own ideas of these secrets and it’s just been hiding in the past waiting to be shown. In the front matter of the book thought he uses a lot of quotes from family and professional people. His target audience is everyone as well and uses the term principles to show how effective this book advisement is. The main idea I got from this book is page 31 he says that it puts emphasis on building character rather than getting success. In part one of the book, it starts with the point Stephen is trying to make with building character rather than success. On page 2 it says that he has met his goals and is having a successful professional career but is forgetting about his wife and children in the process. I took this as there is certain limitations to success and there are sacrifices. In this case, he needs to reconnect with life and just stay a way from work for a bit but the process isn’t even for him which led to a point I learned that quick fixes won’t solve these types of problems. I have also learned about self awareness and that we are free to make our own choices. An interesting thing I read was from pages 32-35 where it was two pictures of a women and he says “…that two people can see the same thing, disagree, and yet both be right.” I think the point he was making overall was that people will have different views on one thing but it don’t have to be wrong. It could be seen as a new perspective on it. From part 2, I got that we have the freedom to make our choices and have the choice to act on our own self awareness unlike computers which we created to limited functions.