The book begins with an epigram, which, like most of the novels we’ve discussed thus far, depicts people who have profited greatly simply by reading this book. Athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, presidents of well-known corporations, professors, all of these varied job paths have been taught the skills and necessities to become successful and outstanding leaders by the 7 habits. Like ‘The Secret” the 7 habits was made from ideas of others from past history, people who believed in teachings a lifetime ago. Stephen Covey came up with he ideas of the 7 habits from the principles that were known way before him , they are more like natural laws of us humans which he pieced together to synthesize for the people. The author presents the concept of a paradigm shift throughout the book, which is described as a theory of how one sees something. The way a person reacts to a certain scenario in this example. He highlights the importance of “realities” and “values” in our decision-making abilities, as well as the fact that our attitude to a given scenario is based on prior experience.

From reading the texts I’ve gathered the 7 habits which are 1. be proactive 2. begin with the end in mind 3.put first things first 4. think win/win 5 seek first to understand, then to be understood 6. synthesize 7. sharpen the saw