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People’s Choice #3: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

It’s that time again, for People’s Choice! This time we’re looking at responses to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

As always, comment with your vote, including author/title/link, excerpt, + rationale for choosing it. Looking forward to seeing what emerges here!

Due: Friday 3/4


  1. Hanna Taveras

    I vote for Dmondel:
    I pick Dmondel because I feel as everything that was written down was backed up with quotes of the text. The writer mentioned every factor that was presented and later backed it up. Dmondel also expressed each section of the reading that we had to annotate on and go in depth with. Dmondel showed me how I should go more in depth and back up everything that
    I say with quotes. Very great job.

  2. Julie Lynch

    I will vote for Sofia: I choose Sofia because she has interpreted the reading very well. I love how she showed compassion to the quotes and text. She backed up her information. She has dive deep in talking about Covey personal life experience it shows that Sofia have expressed the reader’s attention by getting in depth with Covey quotes and what it means. I love how the writer express her feelings towards the book and mentioning how she felt that the book was way more different than what she read previously. Great Job Sofia!!!

  3. Kashfi Siddique

    I choose Sofia’s blog because I like how she clarify this book and how she makes an outstanding quotes that she cited on this text which is ““I’ve set and met my career goals and I am having tremendous professional success. But it’s costs me my personal and family life”. Also, she had illustrates the reader’s attention and mention that she likes to read books. That was excellent and outstanding Sofia!!! Keep it up!!!!

    Reading response

  4. George A

    My vote is for Hanna because of the similar ideas we had and how she compares it to the previous book we read. She summarizes the first part chapter points easily and even mentioned the factors as well as the standards this book uses with the author’s objective for the chapter.

  5. Olga Santos

    I vote for Katie Lynch:
    While reading through her response I loved the way she gave her thoughts and understanding for each section of the text. I especially liked how the author brings up his personal experience in parenting to put into practice self-help. The way Katie was able to nicely shorten the meaning behind the author mentioning his son as following “Also realizing that it was their perception of him that was off, almost as if they found him inadequate. So they worked on how they saw their son, realizing that our perception of others not only hinders them but hinders ourselves as well” was done well.

  6. Daphney

    I chose The “7 Habit of Highly Effective People Analysis” by OLGA SANTOS,
    because not only she mentioned many important points(though most of us did) but she also gave references for almost all of them. Important points such the testimonies from the first 20 pages, the Paradigm shift from Part One, page 11, etc. Her response is well organized and straight to the points as well as well explained. She explained certain concepts according to the author’s beliefs/thoughts such as circle of concern (even unfamiliar terms such as Paradigm shift). She says : “The author begins to talk about the 7 steps by using the success of Bill Gates to depict the cause of actions” and I agree with this.
    The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People Analysis – Self-Help Literature (

  7. Ashley

    I vote Olga for People Choice #3 Olga is my pick because she did a fantastic job interpreting the reading. I really like how she treated the quotes and language with sensitivity. She has gone into great detail on Covey’s personal life experiences, demonstrating that Sofia has captured the reader’s attention by delving into Covey statements and what they imply. I like how the author expresses her views about the book, stating how it was very different from what she had previously read.

  8. Kelani

    I vote for Dmondel. I like the examples from the text that were used in the response and how thoroughly the text was broken down. I also felt a bit impatient while reading the chapters but I was curious to learn more. I like how this response focuses on how the author discusses taking responsibility in our lives.

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