Self Help by Samuel Smiles is an interesting read with a similar idea to the previous read but took a different approach. One thing I have taken from his writing is the idea that failure can be used as a stepping stone to success. In the Preface it says “besides, readers do not care to know about the general who lost his battles, the engineer whose engines blow up…”. I personally liked this part because until people look into your history of failures and use it against you, the moment you are successful no one would look into the failures only the positive aspects. From the first Chapter, I took the idea believing that institutes are controlling a person’s happiness but Smiles is trying to that the only person in control of your own happiness is yourself. An example would be the career of Mr. William Jackson where once he did self study with his free time, he learned trade and became successful in it. To me, chapter 4 seems like a more humbling approach with self help.  I got that you don’t have to force yourself to become a master at the work you want to become extremely successful with and to support this idea I saw this quote on page 91 saying “in the pursuit of even the greatest branches of human inquiry, the commoner qualities are found the most useful- such as common sense, attention, application, and perseverance”. The extra chapter I have chosen to read was Chapter 2 and I found it that working hard is also a great way of self improvement . It was described as a blessing for those for work but those that sit around the opposite possibly cause they aren’t learning any experience from any labor.