Reading these last few chapters I have a different viewpoint on self help. The book is about industry, perseverance, and self-control. Samuel’s definition of self-help was that we have influence over the situations that occur in our lives. He shared my views on success and failure, believing that how hard you tried to achieve success could lead to failure in other areas of your life. The author believed that true self help is the duty of yourself is by helping others, and that’s when good things will happen. Failing was another example Samuel used for gaining self help, when failed at something it gives you different mindset and how to overcome it. The book states ” Failure is the best discipline of the true worker, stimulating him to renewed efforts, evoking his best powers, and carrying him onward in self-culture, self-control, and growth in knowledge and wisdom.” This quote explains how failing can still teach you a lesson to prepare to be better than before.