Just from reading a few chapters from the smiles reading I got to view self-help through a different perspective. Samuel expressed what self-help is, the thoughts and emotions that come with it, and the people who had any type of relations to self-help in different chapters. Not only did Sam enjoy self-help and the factors that came with it he enjoyed teaching and explaining self-help to others with different perspectives. Sam had a different perception to self-help, he believed that individuals were the ones who were in control in their own lives. Samuel didn’t believe that accidents occur in someone’s life. Samuel’s concept of self-help was we are in control over situations that are caused in our lives. He had the same beliefs towards success and failures just how you worked on being successful can bring you down to failure in some aspects in your life. He used different purposes and meaning in each chapter and spoke on how humans are in control and why. His belief towards the greatest factors come with the simplest meaning of life such as characteristics and more. I really loved how he gave examples of individuals in history who applied the self-help aspects that he was explaining to back up every point he was speaking on. Sam helped me think differently in where I sat down and realized there are things in life that I have control on, and I can either fix to become a better version of myself or let it bring me down and eat me up and get negative aspects from it.