Professor Belli | Spring 2022 | City Tech | ENG 3402: Topics in Literature

The Secret

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is most definitely an interesting book I have read so far. I already like how it starts off with having the readers think to themselves that there is a hidden secret being shared by this book being passed down. Another I noticed in the beginning as well is that for the dedication it says to the reader as well which to me feels great because I can’t remember a time really where I seen a book dedicated to the actually reader.  The author also tells us in the Foreword about her life and how even though everything was falling apart for her, she goes on to say that it was her greatest gift to experience this state of despair. I took this part as something similar to points i hear all the time like in order to improve you have to fail since it had a similar affect to the author leading to finding out the secret. A point that had me thinking was her intentions of bring billions of people joy but with the chapter I chosen to read being The Secret to the World had me at more like in between right and wrong. The chapter has shown me that the secret is you can feed energy into anything you can think of good or bad. So If I were to say I’m worried about this test, its ends up being something we feed on and end up becoming more worried. It had me thinking that wouldn’t it also work positive ideals as well which led me to a stop a little because just like in the chapter mentioning about anti movements which can be seen as a positive thing essentially feeds into the conflict because we are focusing on negative things. This book does have a great secret and it can help a lot of people with self help leading to self improvement of themselves.


  1. dmondel

    Hi George! I relate to you in your post when you said how you like the way the author makes us wonder about the secret and also how she didn’t keep it to herself but decided to share it with the world. As I started reading the book, I really asked myself what can it possibly be? Determination, maybe? Ans when she said that she bets that we are wondering what it is, I said: “duh!” For her to share this experience with everyone and give them the opportunity to experience the secret themselves, shows, to me, that she has a big heart.

  2. Jill Belli

    George, I love how you got into specifics in this post, both with the book’s front matter and with the particular chapter you read. And indeed, it’s a slippery slope with the law of attraction, in terms of positive + negative thoughts and outcomes.

    I’ve chosen your post for this week’s Professor’s Pick … congrats 🙂

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