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Reading Response Blog On ”The Secret”

The secret by Rhonda Byrne is a book that has a masterpiece in itself. This book focuses on the idea, “The law of attraction.” The book inspires and changes people’s views of life. This book also teaches the reader to know oneself. In this book, the author intentionally had used the word ‘YOU’ many times in different areas so that we may feel that the author has written the book for the one who reads it. Readers should think that the author has written the book for reading it. Readers should feel that the author had written this book mainly for those who read at the moment. The best part of the book ‘The Secret’ is “The Secret to Life” as it tells us the secret to living happily. From this, it’s visible that ‘Just thinking positively’ can bring out big, tremendous and joyful change in our lives.
Moreover, the only thing to do is feel good and do what you love. If you don’t know what makes you happy, then ask yourself and commit to what makes you happy. To sum up, the book highlights the innate potential that we all possess as being alive. ‘The Secret’ is the book that gives all the answers that have been and all that will ever be.
The content was not pitchy, easy to understand, and once you finish reading this book, that is, ‘The Secret,’ the one thing that everyone hopes
is “INNER PEACE” that will be with oneself.
Everyone should read and know what the ‘Law of Attraction’ of life is.

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  1. Jill Belli

    Julie, nice point about Bryne always referencing the reader in this text (the “you”) — this strategy is definitely one of the key features of the self-help genre!

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