Professor Belli | Spring 2022 | City Tech | ENG 3402: Topics in Literature


Hey, my name is Katie. I am a Liberal Arts Major. But my end goal is to become a teacher, preferably elementary school. I have been in college for what feels like forever. I am looking forward to learned new ways to better myself and to meet new people. Some fun facts about me are: I love makeup.. more so eyeshadow and highlighters … I have soo many of each. I also like I mentioned in class crochet. In my off time I try to see my bff as much as possible and I also tie dye :).


  1. Julie Lynch

    Hi, Katie. So nice to meet you! We both have something in common which include cooking and our last name. lol! What’s awesome is that my favorite recipe is making lasagna when I have a me time to enjoy what I love. How creative of you that you find so passionate about crochet it’s very enthusiastic. I like how you want to be a teacher specifically in an elementary school because you want to do something that make you happy, and still love it in the future. Hope to see you soon. Good luck this semester!

  2. Hanna Taveras

    Hi Katie!! You and I both have many things in common. When I was little I also wanted to become a teacher my love for children has never went unnoticed. I have been in college for 2 years now and I also feel like its been forever but we are slowly but surely getting there. I wish you and everyone else the best in this semester!!! nice meeting you

  3. Olga Santos

    It’s nice to meet you, Katie! you have such a cool hobby. I’m interested in knowing more about your hobby for crocheting. Are there any pieces you made so far that may consider your favorite? How long have you picked up the hobby? I wish you the best of luck in becoming an elementary school teacher and for this semester!

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