Self-Help; with Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance (Samuel Smiles), 1859

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  1. Chapter 10 Money- its use and abuse
    How a man uses, makes and spends it, saves it is perhaps one of the best tests of practical wisdom. Some (finest)qualities of human nature are intimately related to the right use of money As well as generously, honestly, justice, and self sacrifice, and lastly as well as the practical virtues of economy and providence. Notes of life include” a right measure and manner in getting, saving, spening, giving, talking, lending, borrowing, some would argue the acts perfect man. Man to provide for his household. Self dental is sacrificing a present gratification for a future good. The working man has always been divided into two classes. These classes are lists of those who have saved and those who have spent. There is no reason why the condition of the average workman should not be a useful, honorable, respectable and happy one. He must carry money in the head, not in the “heart”. The power of money is on the whole over estimated. The greatest things which have been done for the world have not been accomplished by the rich men.

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