Robby Deleon “The Secret”

“The secret” by Rhonda Byrne is a text describing how much easier life can be if we understood and took advantage of something that she referred to as “The secret”. It begins explaining what the secret can do for people and from the sound of it, I believed it was revolutionary because it appeared to make everything in your life go your way, even things you would think we have no control over. Eventually it is revealed that the secret is what is known as “The law of attraction”, the idea that everything that happens to us happened to us because we attracted it. At first I thought it made sense, If I envision myself passing a test, chances are that would raise my motivation to study for the test which leads to me passing. However, that wasn’t exactly what was being explained. I misunderstood and believed that the positive/negative thoughts that were being discussed worked as a chain reaction that changed our actions and the way we do things which would obviously effect us. I was wrong, the idea was that our thoughts are so powerful that they alone are creating these things that happen to us. That sounds crazy and impossible. I’m not going to pretend I know alot about this topic when I don’t, I’m just going to express how much I don’t believe it.

According to the text, thoughts give out frequencies the same way television towers do. These frequencies are transmitted to the universe which gives the universe the power to make that thought a reality. The text makes it seem as though the universe is some sort of magic machine that takes thought and turns it into real life scenarios. If you tell yourself “I really hope a stranger doesn’t try to rob me while i’m walking home alone at midnight” according to this text you are sending out an invititation to the universe to work it’s magic and make a random stranger decide to cross paths with you and rob you. My idea of the universe isn’t some almighty thing that can make literally anything happen, I thought the universe was simply something where the planets, stars and galaxies around us were inside. Secondly, my idea of thoughts isn’t the same idea as its represented in this text. You can not think of something and just like that, it gets sent somewhere with all that information as if its some sort of email. Thoughts stay where they take place, in our minds.

I want to mention something this text reminded me of, and thats the time I experienced something similar to this. I remember when I was in 6th grade, on the first day of class, my teacher told us we are expected to come in next monday with a green folder. Over the course of the weekend I forgot about it and sunday night was when I remembered. I was worrying because it was too late to go and buy one and it would be too early to go and get one the next day before school. So I kept searching through old supplies I left lying around and didnt find anything. Lastly, I searched in a closet where leftover school supplies was and inside a white bag was nothing inside, nothing but one folder that happened to be green. It was satisfying but scary with how lucky I got, it genuinely felt like the work of a higher power. The point of saying this is to let it be known that coincidences happen and that’s most likely how this idea was formed. Crazy coincidences occured and eventually it was brought up that they weren’t coincidences but a “Law of attraction”.

“The secret” was very interesting but I wish I didn’t let myself be so intrigued by the fact that I disagreed so much. With every chapter I read I found myself seeing more and more things I just felt were impossible. One positive thing I can say however is that this gives people who believe in it hope, and I believe this about alot of other worldy things people tend to believe in. I feel that even if people are believing in things that are not true, atleast it gives them hope for a better future.


The Secret

In the self-help book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, Byrne teaches us that the way to achieve the things we really want in life is through the law of attraction.  The law of attraction is the secret to attaining the things we desire. Byrne also explains that through the law of attraction we already are where we are now.  This concept works simply through our thoughts.  Our thoughts are magnetic (they attract what we think) and they constantly attract new frequencies.  She gives us the example of being wealthy.  If you want to become wealthy you need to have predominant thoughts of wealth, you need to visualize and feel that wealth, and you can’t have feelings of doubt.  Most people go about this the wrong way and think about the things they don’t want.  The universe doesn’t understand words like “don’t”, “not”, or “no” (Byrne 14).  Putting out of the thought of something negative only attracts more of it.  Another problem some people face is that they fear loss of wealth once they have it which does lead to that loss.

Byrne states that the feelings you have are important because they tell you what you are truly thinking, and these feelings are your guides to putting your thoughts back on the right track.  A key strategy to change a bad thought to a good one quickly is through your secret shifters.  Your secret shifters can be anything that you know will instantly change your mood to a better one like a certain memory or a favorite song.  Having more than one is important in case one of them doesn’t do the trick.  Learning how to meditate also helps clear your mind of bad thoughts.

According to Byrne the steps to the secret are 1) asking and 2) believing.  You don’t need to ask questions like how– the universe will just provide.  The question of how displays lack of belief.  If any action is needed it will be asked of you in a clear way.  Being thankful for the things you have now is also important as it helps to shift your energy.  Another thing to be mindful of is if something goes wrong at some point throughout your day, at night replay those events the way you wanted them to go and you will be putting out a more positive frequency. 

The extra chapter I chose to read is titled “The Secret to Money” (found on pages 95-112).  I chose this one just because I am a bad saver and wanted to see if there were any tips specifically for that, and because I am currently unemployed and wanted to see what would be discussed.  In this chapter Byrne states that you have to shift your thoughts from lack-of-money to more-than-enough money (Byrne 99).  Not having enough is caused by mentally blocking the flow of money from coming to you.  First you need to be content with what you already have and understand that your source of money doesn’t need to just be your job.  You also need to start saying you can afford things and give back when you can (not sacrifice).  According to Byrne, giving back shows that you have plenty and so the flow will be reciprocated back.

Personally when I read these few chapters of The Secret, I didn’t pick up on anything that sounded out of the ordinary.  The main message was just sort of repeated throughout the book.  I have heard of manifesting before (this is what the law of attraction sounds like to me) and although I’ve never tried it, it does seem intriguing because I have had friends tell me that it’s worked for them.  But I believe that action on one’s part is needed in order to attain the things in this book.  I think this may help people become more positive individuals which is a good thing and to some extent thinking more positively does bring back good energy/karma, but just counting on things to come to you instead of doing things to get there may slow your progression.  Byrne does state that there can be signs from the universe when action is needed but to me these can just be regular instances that were going to happen because of something you have done.