People’s Choice #6: The Power of Now

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People’s Choice Post #5: Pandemic Processing

For this week’s People’s Choice, you’re exploring the Pandemic Processing blogs and choosing your favorite post.

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Thanks again for sharing your reflections about the ongoing pandemic, and the somber anniversary of it. It has been a very difficult year for all, in so many ways, and I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your reality of that with us all. Sending strength and healing your way, as we all continue to navigate this collective trauma.

Pandemic Processing

1 dreadful year has gone by and drastic changes have occurred. This past year has hit me and so many near and dear to me hard. It feels as though I am in one long nightmare and haven’t woken up yet. With all the bad that has come with Covid-19 there are some positives. Covid-19 has been huge eye opener it has awakened my gratitude. I have taken “normal life” for granted till now, the normal days of outings with no restrictions and masks was just a normal Saturday but now it almost seems like a fairytale. I cant believe there was a time were people flooded Times Square or Central Park and were literally neck to neck.

A once reality is now a dream.

I give my condolences to those who have lost a loved one during this dreadful time. I myself have dealt with a lot of heartache during this time but through all the ache I have grown to appreciate time with loved ones so much more now. The pandemic has allowed me and my family to spend so much more time together, not in the way we would expect but I am grateful. Grateful that this new normal can be shared with my loved ones, who I wouldn’t usually see till I was home from school or they were home form work. Being home for so long, has allowed me to reflect within myself and prioritize what it good for me and what isn’t. Having so much time to myself I have selected on what truly makes me happy and what hobbies or things makes me happy. At the start of the pandemic I started sketching on a painter app on my phone to pass time, slowly my drawing skills got better and better. I started posting some of my random drawing to social media where I got a lot of attention. I then made an art page and started getting requests from other people. Art has always came naturally to me, I loved being assigned projects in school because drawing was so easy to me. Through that art page I found that I really enjoy graphic design and art design. I am now trying to pursue Graphic Design as a career. I always wanted a career that didn’t feel like work to me, something that I was happy each and everyday doing and I think I found the one and its all thanks to the pandemic… how ironic.

These are some of the early pieces I’ve done.

The pandemic has brought a lot of misery but I think at least for me I have to look at the good side and continue to push positive within myself and my surroundings. It is so easy to get down and an everyday  goal for me is to think and do positive things that will have a lasting impact on myself and the people around me. I am thankful that we are now in a place of moving forward and hopefully putting this behind us. I think we should all move forward but never forget what the pandemic has taught us. In a blink of and eye all that is normal to us and all that we take for granted can be gone. I truly believe that everyday should be lived as if its your last. Don’t put things on hold thinking you will do it tomorrow, do it today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. The pandemic has made me realize petty little fights that last for days are really not worth it. It is so easy to get mad about things and just stay in that mode for a long period of time, but when you’re put in a place that things are constantly changing and in thIS case not always for the better you really start to see how many things we dwell over are just little things that aren’t worth it.


Overall the pandemic has been a dreadful rollercoaster, it has brought on some highs but I am hopeful that this ride will end soon and we can start a new chapter. I am thankful for all the pandemic has taught me and my heart is with all who were taken and effected by it. I hope for brighter days soon.

People’s Choice Post #4: Self-Care

This week, YOU were the the texts, so your reading response were a reflection on yourselves and your well-being 🙂

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Thoughts on Self-Care

Self-care means (to me) dedicating time to do things that go beyond making one feel good to actually benefit one.  Because just feeling good is not necessarily benefitting you. Example addictive substances.  One’s self care may also benefit others through time. Because only when one is emotionally happy and physically healthy, one could properly take care of others ♡.

I used to think that self-care was selfish and yes at that time my self-esteem was low. My former partner made me believe that taking care of myself was selfish E.g., eating healthy, reading, doing my hair, taking naps, going to the gym, writing in my diary, having goals & dreams, etc. Moreover, I thought this was “normal” because many women in the city where I used to live; accept and promote male supremacy. So being surrounded by these short-minded women, made me believe that bowing to the “man of the house” was the “right” way to live with your spouse.   I was able to escape this toxic reality because I did not have children with that man. So, I did not have to think twice when running away.  Many women stay in abusive relationships because they do not have anywhere to take their children to.  And many other women die in the attempt to end these toxic relationships (feminicide).


Self-care is a must and a priority in everyone’s life but if an individual is stuck only in their own self-care and does not move beyond it, one is perhaps just a selfish in disguise. Self-care is first, yes! But I find it important to also move towards caring for others as a second step.

Moreover, self-care is not a one-time fix, nor happens overnight, and there is not a one size fits all formula. It is a habit that one builds according to one’s needs and it requires constant application.

Reading Response #3

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a very interesting self-help book. Of the books we read so far it was definitely the best one in my opinion.  “The secret” was too unrealistic and while the Samuels Smiles text might’ve been factual and helpful, it was very hard to understand fully. That being said the Stephen Covey text had a mix of both, the text was interesting and it was reasonable. The title of the book says it all, it explains the 7 habits that highly effective people use and it explains how if anyone were to apply these things to themselves, then being a highly effective person is basically inevitable. 

This text uses the word Paradigm a lot and it’s saying that the idea of being right or wrong is a negative character trait and to be effective we should try looking differently. This way, we can have a more open mindset to the world. The author uses many stories and in these stories it shows people assuming things that lead to them regretting the assumption. I believe this is mentioned to give the impression that if a person were constantly looking at things from another perspective, they would assume less and less and would be in that situation less. It would also result in a mindset that is much more healthy and knowledgeable. 

The first habit that is mentioned is being proactive and refraining from being reactive. Reactive people are people who feel like everything happens to them and they aren’t in control of anything while proactive people feel the need to create and take responsibility. The second habit is living with a purpose or goal which I can’t agree with any more. I’ve said to many people multiple times how much I believe living with a purpose can benefit a person’s mindset and happiness a whole lot. The third one is about priorities which is very useful but everyone knows that already, it’s just easier said than done. The fourth one is to think win-win and no matter how bad things look to always look on the bright side. The fifth one relates to what is being said about paradigms and trying to understand things from another point of view even when at first you don’t agree. The sixth one, similar to the fifth one, says look at things from another point of view but instead of the opposing point of view, try to see things from a completely different point of view that still solves the issue. The last habit is about self renewal and becoming one’s best self, just like the one about priorities. I feel like a lot of people know this already but it’s just not that easy to do. 

This text was definitely my favorite out of everything we’ve read so far, I agree with a lot of what was being said and I found it all very interesting. If I had to follow any self-help tips this will be the first place I look and I will expect it to work.

People’s Choice Post #3: Stephen Covey’s ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’

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People’s Choice Post #2: Self-Help (Samuel Smiles)

Just like we did for The Secret read through your classmates’ reading response blogs on Self-Help; with Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance and choose your favorite post. You can choose a post for any reason, but you always must clearly articulate your rationale for choosing it (e.g., why did you find it interesting, compelling, likeable, provocative, etc.?). This rationale can refer to content, style, creativity, etc. If, after reading everyone’s posts, you strongly feel that your post is your “favorite,” you can always vote for yourself, but you need to provide a rationale for doing so.

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Samual Smiles Notes

        The title of Samual Smiles’ “Self-Help, with Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance ” was taken as something that would be instructive with examples of experiences of individual that preserved no matter what downfalls experienced. I found it interesting that the title was mentioned in the prefix( p.4 ) in how it is misjudged and considered selfishness. Although the different views of the title or book it is available in but not limited to French, German, Dutch, and Danish editions. 

    This book is expressed to target young men as those who need to rely on one self and no verses others. That growth is done through failures. “Failure is the best discipline of the true worker, by stimulating him to renewed efforts”.(prefix p.5) This illustrates that failures are magnified as a necessary tool for growth. Beyond the prefix the reader will get a abnormal description of each chapter and notice the pages themselves lack numbers. 

     Chapter one is a more so guideline of what men should consider an outlet and what could possible hinder their perseverance. “Heaven helps those who help themselves”(Smiles p.18) Suggest men should look within themselves it also goes on to deter men from the government by stating it has a restrictive affect on them on page 20. Self-help is the antidote to Caesarisum. “Caesarisum is human idolatry in its worst form-a worship of mere power, as degrading in its effects as the worship of mere wealth would be”.(Smiles p.20) Knowledge and need to accomplish go hand and hand, without one the other would be worthless.

Chapter four goes on to emphasize the importance of not only perseverance ,but establishing the importance of the mind and heart correlation. “Locke, Helvetius, and Diderot believe that all men have equal aptitude for genius”(p.92) As important as that may seem Smiles also mentions the importance of accomplishing your task cheerfully. 

  I choose chapter five merely because of the title “Helps and Opportunities- Scientific Pursuits. Science has always been a grounded subject with fact based findings or theories that can or can not be proven. In this chapter it starts off by mentioning on (page 111) that “accidents does very little toward the production of any great result in life”. There for there is no force that can cause your course ,but your own actions, knowledge, and will to follow through. Accomplishment comes with time and in this we observe and example of this by the example given on Dr.Jenner among  many others in this chapter. Dr.Jenner caught my eye because he was in the vaccination development and understanding  for small-pox. Since we are currently experiencing a time where vaccinations are controversial , Dr.Jenner experienced this adverse reaction as well in London. After being shamed he tried it on his own sons and other willing people that would accept such a vaccine. Those individuals were scene as people that can possible get mutations and forced to stay inside their homes. It wasn’t until Lady Ducie and Countess of Berkeley accepted their children get vaccinated was it widely accepted. He declined London’s offer of practice. This chapter is filled with examples such as Dr.Jenner and how failures became part of their triumph. 

    I would consider this book a hard read based on the amount of information crammed into each chapter I’ve read. The metaphors  are overly used which makes the text deterring. I do on the other hand appreciate the book for telling some of these important people’s full journeys and not just what they accomplished.      

Edward Jenner. Oil painting. Wellcome V0023503.jpg



See the source image


Reading Response #2

Self-Help by Samuel Smiles was a somewhat difficult read to me because of the time period it was published in.  There were many unfamiliar words that were used that made me lose Smiles’ train of thought, though I wrote them down in my annotations. And some of the points seemed all over the place, while others were repeated just as The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes.  The main ideas I got from reading these three chapters is that 1) being patient and actually working towards your goals will pay off, 2) anything someone else does you can do too, and 3) the home environment we grow up in shapes our lives.

In Chapter I:  Self-Help –National and Individual, Smiles states we are where we are now through the thinking and actions of men. He pushes the idea that you don’t necessarily need to be a genius in order to do great work. To become successful in something you just need to push yourself and keep working at it. He kept repeating the idea that “a man perfects himself by work more than reading” (Smiles 22). And that the greatest contributors we know to science, literature, and art have mainly come from poor and humble beginnings– some with not much of an education. Smiles believes it is the difficulties these people have faced that have helped them fuel their work (Smiles 22-23).  Outside of academics, what we do in our daily lives also plays a part in how successful we are.

In Chapter IV:  Application and Perseverance, Smiles directly talks about the genius being.  He says genius can be defined only as common sense intensified (Smiles 91). These individuals constantly work on the same ideas in order to fully grasp it, but they are also susceptible to their own share of hardships as anyone else is. This can be anything from having your years work of calculations being accidentally caught on fire like Isaac Newton or finding only bits and pieces of your 200 drawings because Norwegian rats chewed through them like John Audubon had (Smiles 96-97). Although frustrating, if they had given up at those points we wouldn’t see the hand they had in science and art respectively today. “To know how to wait is the great secret to success” (De Maistre 94). Another important idea in this chapter is “any man can do what any other man has done” (Dr. Young 96).

The extra chapter I chose to read was Chapter XII:  Examples –Models.  This chapter focuses again on how action will get you to where you want to be, but also how this is instilled in us as children, and how we are able to continue this cycle in our adult life. When we were younger we did many things because we saw the adults in our lives doing it.  Seeing things leaves more of an impression than hearing and reading. We have always been led by example. As adults we need to surround ourselves with others just like us, or that are “better” than us.  And we need to keep in mind that we are better off alone rather than be in bad company. Smiles says “good rules may do much, but good models far more; for in the latter we have instruction in action” (307).

I agree with this idea of surrounding yourself with like people because with them you won’t find that you are deterring from any goals you have set to achieve. You will also have others that will inspire you and motivate you to keep pushing forward when things get tough. Overall I believe this text was better than The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes because it’s more realistic and can be seen as relatable. The author Samuel Smiles is basically trying to push people to do what they want to do. He tells the stories of others so you won’t feel alone and he doesn’t make any promises that are out of reach.