Class Discussion: Meditation Reflection

Today in class we practiced self-awareness and reflection through journaling, spending time to write mindfully about our feelings, thoughts, embodied experiences, behaviors, and responses. During this freewriting loop, we even intentionally called to mind challenging (or “negative”) thoughts and experiences, and reflected in writing on the emotions that arose in response to them.

As a class, we then embarked on a shared experiment by doing a guided meditation. For this practice, we used the the Calm App and today’s Daily Calm on “Optimal Anxiety.” I know that this can be an uncomfortable and stretching experience in the best of circumstances, and especially so in class and over Zoom (!). Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to this experience, and for sharing this meditation practice with me.

As many of your mentioned, this was your first time practicing meditation. The freewriting we did immediately afterwards hopefully was useful for capturing your embodied response to this practice.

Both journalling and meditation are generative conduits of self-awareness, and here will will combine the two. Please share your reflections on your meditation experience in class today by commenting below.