For the upcoming assignment on Meditation, I hope to have as many positive outcomes that lead to motivation throughout my day not only a positive and clear state of mind. Some things I plan on doing different while I meditate for this project will be changing the times I meditate and the locations all around my house because why not, but I hope to explore the different outcomes of it meaning, testing out how my day is before and how it turns out after I mediate. Maybe It will leave me feeling worse and groggy or I will feel refreshed although I have never felt groggy after meditating before, but again you never know. It can also depend on the day. If my day is very busy, it can leave me feeling energized or if my day is long and exhausting, the mediation can put me into an energized phase, or then again it can put me to sleep leaving me worse than I was before. I am excited to experiment and log on this.
I have tried Headspace, Mesmerize, Breethe, My life, Insight Timer and Ten Percent. I am going to use two. The two that I choose is Insight timer and Breethe.
This two I believe will work best for me because the app lets you choose different setting for your individual comfort. The Insight timer app checks in with you, how you are doing physically, mentally and emotionally. It has different setting of comfort for what kind of exercise you’ll like to do. It has live events where you can attend and listen to a live instructor which I think is pretty cool.
The Breethe app has three different settings as well, go to sleep, take a break and Start your day. It lets you set your top goals and has different meditation settings. It also asks you about your personal life, Health issues, dealing with difficult situations, trouble falling asleep and also gives you the option to choose different Therapies. This is why I choose these two apps. I feel I can benefit from them the best and get the most out of them. Although I will be using two apps for the majority of the time, I am going to experiment with spiritual music for a couple of days and see where that goes. I plan on doing the whole nine, folding my legs like a buddha. Even cross my fingers at the end. This should be fun and relaxing.

Pandemic Processing

This year has taught me a-lot. Not only has everything changed. But it has turned to a way in which can be unbelievable. It is crazy to think about professional sports was shut down In a matter of days. The NBA suspended its season after a player tested positive. The NFL and MLB season did not start yet so they already had a plan of what to do. Fans were not able to come to the arena to watch them play. The NBA all star game was in Georgia and the commissioner made it clear that it will be a Tv event only. Encouraging all fans to watch on tv and refrain from throwing parties or even travel to Atlanta. Only recently they have started letting fans back into he arena and only by a limited capacity. Everyone needs to be wearing masks everywhere they go. Also recently they came out with a vaccine and is encouraging everyone to take it.

This year has taught me a-lot. This virus proves that nothing is permanent. What is important is your family, and your friends. Everything is temporary, from school to work. Enjoying your life is sometimes the best thing you can do because in the matter of a blink of an eye everything can be over in a flash. It the simplest things that can effect you the most. From going to work, getting dressed to hop in the car/train on your way to work which eventually you will see your coworkers to turning on the computer and going on a Zoom call. From meeting my professors in person, sitting down in your chair and reaching down to open your bag to taking out your books to copying down notes, you are switched to turning on your computer and logging onto a zoom call which I will see my professors through.

During the school semester, I would only need to go on the computer to do a research assignment or project or simply h.w. Now it is switched to every day logging on to zoom for everything. If I am the first to admit, I never thought I would take an online class in college, but now that the times have changed, it not really an option. It is the only way. In my opinion, online school is much harder than in class learning. The new thing is zoom call. Advertised everywhere. You watch tv and see shows where the actors are wearing masks. It is the new reality .

Self care

Self care to me means subtracting yourself from the world itself. Taking time to rejuvenate yourself not only your physical being but your mental self being as well.
For those who follow basketball or do not, Kyrie Irving is a point guard for the Brooklyn Nets. A few months back he took off a few games to get his mental health back on track. Just because you are here physically, do not mean you are here mentally.
Just this past weekend was the 2021 NBA all star game. Lebron James who is a forward for the Los Angeles Lakers made a comment about him being physically there but mentally, he was not. Being ready for anything physically does not mean anything if you are not mentally there.
You always need time to sit back reflect on yourself and recharge. Thats probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.
Some of the things I have done aside from relax watching All star weekend, I did some meditation. It was my first time doing it in a while but I figured since this weekend was a time for self care, I gave it a shot and honestly I will be doing it more frequently because it did more than I thought it would.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey

One similarity I see when I read these self help text. These texts are always stating “if you want to be successful in life, you need this book in your library”. The text gives different view point on if you were to look a something from a different view point, you would have a different mindset towards it. This book states that no person lasts forever but books and ideas do which makes sense. The book talks about life balance and our society in the means of our cell phone being more difficult, demanding and stressful. We need to work harder to manage our time. “Do more, achieve greater through the wonders of technology”. I completely agree, I feel that our society needs balance as well as our individual self. Balance is tough and very important in terms of managing our time wether its work or school or whatever it may be. The text talks about how your mindset can make or break you, but not in those words. Thats is how I broke it down in my head. The text also talks about our culture being a factor when it comes to getting what you want.”Life is a game, race and competition where you are striving for number one . You can have schoolmates, colleagues and even family members in it to win with you”. It states in the text when try generous and cheer for others success but inwardly, privately, so many of us are eating our hears out with others achieve. I agree with many things in this text but I do not agree with that statement.

Class Notes March 2nd

The seven habits of highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Courtney Chapter 5 Help and Opportunities:
-Encourage you to study & prepare yourself for your career.
-Only time will get you to your goals.
-Failures are sometimes part of your greatness.

Aryana Smith Chapter 7 Industry and Peerage:
-Success is left up to the individual and how hard they work.
-Connection between peerage and success.
-Peerage as a class, those holding a hereditary, or honorable title.
-Exalted which means placed at a higher power level.
” ”
-In order to achieve anything great you want in life, you need to apply yourself both physically and mentally.

Reem S.Chapter 9 Money and its Abuse (which I also did)
-Fatherly approach.
-How you use, save the money you have.
-Money is worth face value.

Crystal Pichardo Chapter 12 Examples and Model
-Actions speak louder than words.
-Surround yourself with like minded people.
-Working by action is always more forcible than words (301)
” ”
-There is no action of man in this life, which is not the beginning of a so long chain of sequence.

Robby Chapter 3 The Great Potters:
-Bernard Palissy used 16 years of his own life to teach himself.
-Johann Bottger pretended he could make Gold.
-Josians father died when he was 11 leaving him on his own.

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The Secret

After skimming the secret I came to the conclusion that the “secret” is a life hack as cheat sheet to get answers to life situations.(Attraction towards your needs). The secret can give you whatever you desire no matter who, what or where you are. The author describes it as ” The golden Ticket” to life . There is a quote that says”the greatest teachers who ever lived have told us that the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe”. In my opinion this means there is more to be seen with just the naked eye but I would also need clarification to that because I don’t think thats all of it. I disagree with how to the author uses historians as a reference to their success being, they had the secret, that is what made them so successful. But turn 360 degrees. I enjoyed how she uses different poets and musicians on how they broke down the law of secret by expressing it through their individual unique pieces whether art or music. If you think about it, it’s really magnificent how thinkers such as Socrates and Plato writings and teachings are still having so much value and meaning today when they writings have been around for so long.


Hello this Anil Persaud speaking, I am a sophomore at New York City college of Technology. My major as of right now is LAA because to be honest I am trying to get all of my requirements down before I get started on classes that have to deal with my actual major. My career of choice that I will be moving into once I finish college would be law enforcement so I will be studying criminal justice in school. This has been one thing that I have been so passionate about since I was younger and I cannot see myself doing anything differently in the future. So here is what I can tell you all about myself other than what I have said. I am not familiar with self help literature so I will leave it at that. I am not used to working in open lab, actually not ever so I hope this semester will not be too stressful. Hopefully as you do with everything else, the more you work with something , the better you will get at it, so that is what I am hoping for. Since the start of COVID-19 as you would think everything has been getting difficult and personally I don’t like online classes because it is very hard to keep up with but obviously we don’t have a choice so doing the best that we can is what will only work. My favorite genre of literature would be short story because in my opinion, its really really understandable. I really hope to learn as much as I can in this coarse for the time that we have.