Self esteem during the adolescent period

Self esteem is a general perspective on self worth/value. It is how you generally feel about yourself. Over the course of your life, being a child through adolescence and as a teenager into adulthood. All of us have had this question at least once in our lifetime. Who am I? We grow and define who we are but it might not be such an easy or fun task. Some of us may judge ourselves based on how we look. How much do we weigh? Our physical appearance, a disability can weigh heavily on it, and social surroundings. These are just tips on what can make or break your self confidence. However studies show that schools and family make up a huge part of it.
When anyone with low self esteem, they might not feel as motivated to do simple everyday activities. Positive psychology is a study which focuses on what can make life so enriching by having your individual mind and body active and energized on life. This can be a major challenge with someone who struggles with self esteem. Making your own goals and bettering yourself serves as a challenge to them.
Some things that could help someone with low self esteem could be a strong supportive cast. This can help them set aside minor goals they can achieve resulting in an outcome being positive. They can then use this as a stepping stone for something bigger and better to achieve. Their fear of failure could lessen with the support of someone by their side which can also boost confidence. You could also move yourself out of a surrounding that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, safe, or good about yourself. To sum up everything that has been stated so far, self esteem is the self regard for your abilities.
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