How to obtain acceptable physical health.

When it comes to self care, a lot of topics are very important because it’s all about changing a person for the better but of all the self-care topics one of the most important ones, if not, the most important one, is physical health. Physical health is called physical health because it involves improving the physical aspect of the human body, so how a person not only looks physically but feels physically is all reliant on physical health. Because physical health is so noticeable in a person it is very necessary to take good care of, which is why this topic is important. 

The 5 major topics hygiene, medical, diet, sleep, and fitness are all very important topics to analyze physical health starting with hygiene. Hygiene is the grooming aspect of physical health. Medical is the healing aspect of physical health and it is taking good care of minor and major illnesses appropriately. Diet is the nutrition aspect of physical health. Sleep is the resting aspect of physical health and in many cases, the easiest one. Lastly is fitness, which can be understood as the hardest aspect of physical health. Fitness is the exercise aspect of physical health and it involves physical activity and keeping your muscle strength up to par along with endurance.

Because these things can be so hard there are many tools out there to help with the process and many professionals to help. For example, David Kirsch who’s a wellness visionary and a qualified professional wrote a book called “The Ultimate New York Body Plan” which gives advice on fitness training. Kirsch also has a book called “The Ultimate New York Diet” which is more focused on how to eat properly. There are also many people who have first hand experiences and would give great advice, for example those who went through weight loss journeys. Becky Brown, writer and health coach is a person who participated in weight loss training and wrote about her experiences in an article online in which she lost over 100 pounds. 

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