Class notes May 20, 2021


Maria- Self conscious of our emotions. Is it good?
What is consciousness? The state of being aware of ur surroundings, thoughts feelings, sensations.
Emotions are brief physical response to stimulus. (blood flow, brain-activity) .
Feeling mental associations, they can not be measured precisely.
Self Conscious I. Self Conscious emotions II
Self Recognition. Understanding of social standards and rules
Embarrassment Pride

Good Side- acknowledge his/her accomplishments and flaws.
Bedside- overwhelming & Blaming

Niyomi- Practice self love
Self love state of appreciation can be different face for each person.
Practice self love-make more mistakes, embrace your past.
Root-self awareness, better understanding.

Aryanna- Self care look like for lower class?
Origin- concepts of self care date back centuries.
Root- Maslows hierarchy of needs.
Increase expansion of the industry.
BIPOC- Blank, indigenous, people of color.
Self care for everyone. Self care is not an excuse to tune out social issues.

Robby- How to obtain acceptable physical health.
Look like, feel on the inside.
Diet, medicine hygiene.
Medical-frequent doctor checkups.
Sleep- Avoid under or over sleeping. Plan a realistic bed time. Take care of good sleeping environment.Exercise daily.
Fitness, mental, physical and time preparation. The importance of commitment.
Conclusion-Understand the value of motivation and commitment. Educate yourself. Take part in Hygiene, medical, sleep, diet, and fitness actions.

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