How beneficial is the beauty industry to self help during the COVID 19 Pandemic?

The beauty industry is a controversial industry filled with both positive and negative outlooks. There seems to be a conflict of whether makeup is used because people have a connection with it or rather they are just trying to conform to societal standards of beauty. The Pandemic was a huge eraser to these confines of the beauty industry, in a time where people are quarantined and struggling with a global issue does makeup still have a place in people’s daily lives does it contribute to their well being and self-love?

The pandemic as well as being quarantined has lead to a shift in the beauty industry, it has allowed people to really understand their realtionship with beauty and makeup and make it there own. Many people through the pandemic have chosen to leave makeup as a whole while others saw it as a release during the pandemic, a way to express themselves and how they are feeling.

Tik Tok the social media platform has allowed people to find a common meeting ground during the time of the pandemic. The many trends and videos on the platform has allowed many people to join in on something and dress up. There are endless videos of people trying on different makeup looks and expressing the way that they feel. Simple looks to extravagant looks makeup has allowed people t0 pick and choice how they feel on different days and given some comfort that while there isn’t much change we can do about the pandemic you can definitely change your looks and express yourself by using makeup and beauty products.



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