Class Notes (5/13)

*Tuesday 5/18 is a college-wide reading day. Our finals week starts Thursday 5/20 with all presentations due. And some will present on the 25th. 


Lighting presentation order

  1. Maria
  2. Niyomi
  3. Anil
  4. Aryanna
  5. Robby
  6. Ajah

Final presentation order

  1. Maria
  2. Niyomi
  3. Aryanna
  4. Robby
  1. Anil
  2. Ajah
  3. Reem 
  4. Crystal 
  5. Courtney

Maria’s presentation

The 2 sides of self-consciousness of emotions 

There is two sides of self-consciousness and self-awareness, and balancing the good from the bad takes self-control


  • Focus on your research question (start your presentation with your research question + an overview so your data is clear)

Niyomi’s Presentation

Practicing Self Love

“Loving oneself” 

Tips on practicing self-love

  • Stop comparison
  • Find your happy place
  • Be nice to others

“People who practice self-love are less likely to suffer from depression.


  • Be very knowledgeable in your topic, not only know the information you include but be able to field and answer questions from Peers.
  • Think of the presentation as an essay (Introduction, Body paragraph with your evidence and argument, and a conclusion of your research)

Anil’s Presentation

Self Esteem During the Adolescence Period

  • Can lead to depression, changes in mood


  • Don’t re-present the research you find, there needs to be analysis of the research that is  filtered through the lens of self-help and the information we learned last semester 

Robby’s Presentation

How to obtain acceptable, Physical Help

Ajah’s Presentation

The Importance Self  Love

Prioritize and trust yourself 

Set boundaries

You’ll attract better quality people if you love you self

  • Next Steps
    PLEASE go back and fully read the research project 
  • Practice your presentation (Time yourself)

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