How to obtain acceptable physical health


Physical Health is one of the many areas of self-care and probably the most noticeable one. The fact that one’s physical health is so noticeable makes it really important, however doing so is easier said than done. Physical health is health involving hygiene, medical, diet, sleep, and fitness so to truly have acceptable physical health, these 5 are completely necessary. Because these 5 areas are essential to obtaining good physical health, I will be researching each topic individually and explaining the importance of each one and how to take full advantage of each area.
Credibility is huge for topics like this because of the advice given so because of that it is necessary to mention those with a lot of credibility to the topic. Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, Joe Dowdell who I’ll reference on his fitness advice along with Wellness Visionary, David Kirsch. Kirsch is not only a professional in the area of physical health, but he has books written on both the area of fitness and the area of dieting which are two major components when it comes to improving your physical health which I’ll be referencing. Another reference I feel like would be very helpful to incorporate is those who practiced physical health a lot simply because they were very unhealthy/out of shape. To be more specific I will look into those who have been on the television show “The Biggest Loser”, aside from the fact that it’s just a show for entertainment, I feel like these people who forced themselves to lose a lot of weight must have information that some fitness trainers don’t even have. The physical health training they put themselves through is definitely worth mentioning. 

Lastly, the relationship between self-help and physical health. I want to go in depth about how important physical health is as a self-help topic. It wouldn’t make much sense to just write about HOW to achieve good physical health and not write about WHY we should do this in the first place.


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