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Self Esteem Project Abstract

Self esteem is something that everyone struggles with at least once in their life. It does not matter where you are from, who you are ,how big or small you are, or what you stand for (your beliefs). In particular self esteem in the early adolescence period can affect many things including the following. Families, schools and the lifestyle of an individual which play a key role .The stability of handling your personal skills, the ability to interact with peers and the ability to boost self-efficacy. Self esteem can simply affect your perspective on life, it also tends to be the lowest in childhood as it can gradually increase during the adolescence period as well as adulthood. With this being said, self esteem is much similar to stability of personal traits over time (variation of change over time). If you have a firm/healthy handle on personal traits, you may have a firm handle on your skills. Success in school as well as receiving support from peers all contributed to help compensate for family problems and would help boost self-efficacy.

As anyone with low self esteem may feel less obligated to make or reach personal goals for themselves. Having a firm supportive cast can change the mindset of the individual and the response toward their goals or overall perspective and approach on any or all situations resulting in an outcome being positive. Depression in early adolescence increases sharply from around 2% to 18% in early adulthood. Low self esteem has been an important factor that lead to vulnerability in depression.

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