What Is Self-Love & Love Within Relationships?

The topic I chose for my research paper is Love. My ideas for this topic would be exploring the different types of love. My questions for this topic would be how they correlate with one another, how the different aspects of love are similar and different, along with which ones are most important. Therefore, this is what I want to learn more about, along with what really interest me. This topic interest me because I had a hard time loving myself when I was young in feeling that I did not belong because of who I am. Moving back and forth between Trinidad and New York, I had challenges making friends because I was afraid to put myself out there and did not want to get rejected for being myself. I think this topic should interest others because it is very important for one to fully understand self-love first, before being able to love someone else or something else.

In my project, I plan on using sources such as articles, websites, books, magazines, etc. I also plan to research self-help theory and critiques as sources. Below are some of the sources that I plan to look and read into more for this research assignment:

I think I can focus/narrow down my topic so that it is manageable in this short-term, short (in length/time) research project by focusing on the love when it comes to self and relationships. First it would start as self-love and then love for relationships of family, friends, significant other, etc. I think the kinds of questions that I hope to address through my research are, “What makes love real or fake? Why is love important? Why do people love or fall in love? Etc.” I hope to specifically learn the key elements of love and how to really implement it fully to myself. As stated above, my approach would be self-love which focuses on how it applies to relationships in a positive and negative affect.

Even if I am exploring a commonly researched/discussed topic, I plan to bring my own perspective to bear on it with the information from the sources I gather, along with providing my own opinions and experiences, that would extinguish me from putting sources and ideas in dialogue with one another, and hopefully in producing something original. I feel like I cannot fully say how my project expand our understanding of Science Fiction (broadly conceived) in this stage at this point right now. Besides from the sources that I listed above on what I plan to use in my research assignment, I believe the further research that I would need to do to become informed about my topic would be to probably conduct interviews with family and friends. I do not really have many questions for you all as the readers/reviewers about my topic/proposal. But if I had to give one for right now of this moment, it would be, “How do you all feel about love?” I definitely would like as many feedbacks that you all can provide such as, “What more do you all think that I am missing or am I interpreting anything wrong?”

6 thoughts on “What Is Self-Love & Love Within Relationships?”

  1. I would go with self-love within a romantic relationship since you have your own account in that area. Including all types of relationship connections would be to broad.

  2. Self-love is such an important thing and I think its the foundation and key to any good relationship! I would be cool to research self love in a certain sector of relationships. I think you should research the type of relationship you feel the most connected with and see how the amount of self love you have effects that relationship.

  3. This is a really good topic! My only critique would be similar to that of Courtney’s, focus on overall self-love (I like how you are also including your own experience on this) and maybe one or two other kinds of relationships so it’s not too much information.

  4. Ajah, I know you’ve been interested in this topic for a while now, and like your classmates, I really appreciate the personal connection (the narrative you share about how you came to want to know more about this topic–your investment in it). As the proposal stands now, though, I agree with your assessment that it’s still very general/broad. Love is a huge topic, which many different potential ways to focus it and paths you can take. Looking forward to seeing you narrow it down further in your next proposal — more research will definitely help you to pick a path forward.

    *Also, no worries about the “Science Fiction” connection–that was a typo on my part (my brain was in my other class, which is on Science Fiction film!). The connection should be, of course, to “Self-Help” 🙂

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