Self-Motivation For Physical Health

Great health is something we all desire and a huge part of that is our physical health and keeping our body in shape. With good physical health you feel good and you look good. Also to make these exercises work you need to change your diet. On top of that you need to get a good amount of sleep. Now all of this is easier said than done, not eating your favorite foods is a task a lot of people fail and struggle with. Telling yourself while you’re extremely comfortable to go and push your body to uncomfortable limits is a nightmare for some people. Lastly, mixing your schedule around to go to sleep early and wake up on time could be really hard for some people.

The main issue with all of these is the self motivation that comes with the hard work of physical health. Many people hire a trainer and that makes everything much easier, the motivation almost isn’t needed because you have someone to push you. But when you are all alone all you have is yourself to push you and at times it feels almost impossible to my proposal is to cover the self-help topic of motivation specifically for physical health.

There are many articles covering the motivation to succeed in the 3 areas necessary for good physical health. Personal Trainer and fitness writer, Paige Waehner, discusses tips on finding motivation tips for physical exercise in her article called “Get Motivated to Exercise When You’re Off Track”. The National Sleep Foundation, a company of health experts devoted to finding helpful information for sleep, has an article titled “How to Go to Bed Earlier” discussing tips for getting into the habit of going to sleep early. This results in a healthier sleep with not much hassle. Finally, Franziska Spritzler, a qualified health expert in the area of nutrition and dieting, discusses tips for maintaining a healthy diet in the article “14 Simple Ways to Stick to a Healthy Diet”.
I know I broke the physical health portion into 3 groups but it is all one topic, not just help motivating yourself which was my original prompt, but help motivating yourself to obtain great physical health.

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  1. Robby, physical health & fitness is a huge component of the self-help industry, and so this is an important topic to explore. However, as it stands, it is fairly broad, especially since you are discussing two large topics (physical health as well as motivation). Therefore, you need to do some additional work focusing your area of inquiry. Additional exploratory research (especially related to the treatment of physical health within self-help, the overlap between motivation and physical health, etc.) will be helpful to learn more about this topic, discover key terms, and to come up with a more focused research question. Looking forward to seeing a revised proposal.

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