Self Esteem

My research topic will be on self Esteem


Self esteem can be described as how you view your own personal value. The article states different factors that can contribute to the idea. Self esteem can be lowest in your adolescence and could possibly carry on through adulthood. Self esteem can impact your everyday life resulting in decision making, your emotional health, relationship, as well as motivation.

Low self esteem can lead to feeling down on sunny days. They might not feel motivated to do everyday activities (you would buy more and more just to fill that void of affection that is missing from yourself). Certain issues with relationships and their personal goals can affect their self worth as well as simple things such as feeling loved.

High self esteem can be considered as overestimating yourself, (you might think you are better than you are, full of yourself). They could as well struggle, or block themselves from self growth because they think they are “perfect” already so no need for growth.

Factors that can affect self esteem:
-Body weight
-Family’s genes (genetics),history
-Social/economic status
-Education status
-Sexual orientation

I will be able to compare and contrast the different modes of self esteem.

5 thoughts on “Self Esteem”

  1. Great topic and highlighting on the self-esteem issue in our youth , but I think your topic and title is too broad. If I were to handle this subject and want to compare age groups I would choose a factor and not the whole list. Like body weight in 12-18 year olds vs 40-55 year olds. Something along those lines.

  2. I think this is a great topic only thing is I would narrow it down to a specific sector within self esteem. Once a specific sector is chosen I think it could be a great topic!

  3. I like this topic a lot since it’s something that everyone goes through. You’re either at one end of the spectrum or the other, maybe in between. My only question would be are you going to speak about using guided meditations (or any other form of self-help) in order to help those with low self-esteem? And what would be the solution for those with high self-esteem?

  4. You picked a great topic to research for your project, but I do think that it is still very broad and you can narrow it down more. One question I would say to probably consider is to ask yourself what self-esteem means to you.

  5. Anil, self-esteem is an important and complex topic, and certainly worthy of further exploration. However, I agree with your classmates that you only begin to scratch the surface here. How will you focus your broad topic further? What are the explicit connections between self-esteem and the self-help industry? What research have you done so far (you mention an article, but there is no citation of it, and no other incorporation of research)? Next steps for you include more exploratory research and a revised, more specific proposal. Looking forward to seeing this develop!

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