Is it just face value? The Beauty Industry effect on Self-Help

I would like to do my research project on the beauty industry and how beauty and beauty standards effects self help.

Self help is meant to start with the “self” and so much value is put into appearance from ourselves and society. Many people believe makeup helps them in their day to day lives, but what about in unexpected times.. like a pandemic. In a recent article women spoke about how makeup has helped them even through the quarantined pandemic.

It’s also proven that wearing make-up can make you feel better. “Putting make-up on and even simply looking forward to playing around with a new look gives the brain a boost of feel good neurochemicals, especially dopamine. It results in improved mood, reduced stress and therefore, in better mental health.

I want to research

  • How effective makeup is within wellness
  • is makeup just for face value to please societal standards or does it help a persons wellbeing
  • how has the beauty industry changed and how can it bring change, has lack of inclusivity effected peoples confidence and well being.


6 thoughts on “Is it just face value? The Beauty Industry effect on Self-Help”

  1. Very interesting topic! I would also include the potential negative side effects such as the growing dependency it could cause to widen your platform and establish your stance more.

  2. I really admire the topic you chose. I especially think that it reflects you in the way of you being an artist. I am really looking forward to reading more about your research with the sources you use. One question I would say to ask yourself is “What does make-up mean to you? or How do you feel about make-up?”

  3. I agree with Courtney I would love to bring in potential negative effects of makeup and the beauty industry. Having a pro and con debate as well as looking at regular studies as well as the same studies in a time like a pandemic.

  4. This is really good topic! I would say explore the good and bad sides to this. I know many people often think someone who wears a lot of makeup is insecure (which we all know isn’t true) but is there something you can find that talks about this a little more? Should people be dependent on makeup to make themselves feel good? Can we actually say that for others?

  5. Reem, the beauty industry has fascinating (and complicated, problematic) ties to the wellness industry, and it certainly makes up a key aspect of self-help. However, as we discussed in class, this is still a very broad topic, so you need more work to develop your proposal further and focus the area of inquiry more. Additional research will help you, especially to learn of the explicit connections between the beauty industry and the wellness industry. Looking forward to seeing an updated proposal!

    *Also, please make sure to choose the correct category (“Proposals” + “Research Project”) for this post–you can go in and edit it to add “Proposals.”

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