Class Notes: Thursday (04/29)

After taking attendance at the beginning of the class, professor noted the agenda for the day’s class. We took about 20 minutes for peer review on our research topic project, about 5 minutes each for quickly skimming through and dropping a comment on each fellow classmates’ post. Then we looked over our own proposals and gave ourselves a critical comment. Professor also did the same by giving us a little advice and tips on how to improve and to narrow down our topics more.

Then we discuss an overall feedback as a class:

  • Courtney liked how everyone were able to have the title of their research proposal really connect to what their topic was about and what they were saying
  • Reem thought everyone had a personal connection in the topic they chose
  • Professor states that everyone needs to focus more on their topics; key terms; relation to self-help; background research, etc.

Then we moved on to individually doing more research on our topics for the revised proposal post that is due next week.


For Next Week’s Class on Tuesday 05/04 (asynchronous class):

  1. Read – Individual Research for Final Project
  2. Due – Work on revised research proposals & annotations (due Wednesday 05/05)
  3. Class Notes will not be done because we will not meet as a class via Zoom.


For Next Week’s Class on Thursday 05/06:

  1. Read – Individual Research for Final Project
  2. Due – Revised Research Proposals & Annotated Sources (due Wednesday 05/05)
  3. Class Notes will be done by Courtney.


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