Self-Conscious Emotions: Good, Bad or Both?

I would like to research on the topic of self-conscious emotions.

As stated on the website:

“Having self-conscious emotions in moderate amounts is healthy.

Having overwhelming self-conscious emotions is not.”

Signs of healthy self-conscious emotions include:

  • having pride in accomplishments
  • enjoying engaging in social environments
  • apologizing for mistakes and taking responsibility

Signs of unhealthy self-conscious emotions include:

  • responding to embarrassment with anger and hostility
  • avoiding social experiences
  • placing blame on others for one’s mistakes.
  • feeling responsible for wrongs made against yourself.
  • having low self-esteem
  • experiencing agitation, anxiety, depression, or nervousness

This topic of  “self-conscious emotions”  will allow me once again to talk about the duality/dichotomy that come with everything with do.

2 thoughts on “Self-Conscious Emotions: Good, Bad or Both?”

  1. Maria, thanks for your interest in “self-conscious emotions.” It’s unclear, though, from this proposal, how you will turn this interest into a fully-developed research project. How are these emotions treated in the self-help industry and genre? What are the key terms of the debates surrounding them? How will you focus this very broad topic? Additional research will help you to get a sense of the bigger picture, which will then help you to zoom in and focus your project more. Looking forward to seeing a revised proposal, so we can move this forward.

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