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First article 

“In 2002, it was reported that, on average, we experience an interruption every eight minutes or about seven or eight per hour. In an eight-hour day, that is about 60 interruptions. The average interruption takes about five minutes, so that is about five hours out of eight”.

This quote shows that us humans don’t concentrate very well because if we get interrupted from an activity it won’t take 1 min to resume because we check what we have to check and then do other things on our smartphones. 


Second article 

“With independence comes the fear of rejection and humiliation. Relationships, or lack of them, cause immense stress, not least because these are busy years in terms of shaping identity. Greater fluidity around identity can bring its own challenges”.

I personally agree with this quote because as I was going into my first year high school I feared rejection because I was convinced that people wouldn’t accept me due to my opinions, behaviors or personality. I was afraid of getting humiliated by the way I looked or dressed. 


Third article 

“But it’s human nature to linger on those feelings of regret. We tend to look back and think that missed opportunities — real or imagined — could have set us on a different, possibly more rewarding path. Left unchecked, these emotions can become overwhelming sources of stress and anxiety.”

I agree with this quote because I feel if life for me would have turned out differently I would have a better life. I say this because I’ve done things in the past that I wish I never done and I always wished that I can go back in time and change my ways. 


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