Finding yourself

Finding yourself

Who are you? I feel this question comes up alot when dealing with anything. It can come up when terrible things happen or good things happen. In my personal experience, that question comes up when you are trying to figure out what you are truly destined for. I personally believe before you are born you are destined for something, and throughout your life, you work things out, create new things, even try out new things just to figure out what it is. When I say “things” mean situations, goals to make for yourself to figure out what you like vs don’t. Engage yourself in sports, literature, etc. You could turn out to be a personal athlete. Or an author of many award winning books.

An article about “A guide to finding yourself” by Psyche alive talks about our past and how it has a way of shaping our lives. “Painful early experiences often determine how we define and defend ourselves”. What that exactly means in other words is it would filter out who you are and why you are shaped or colored to one side. “ We could grow up always feeling on the defense or resistant to trying new challenges for fear of being ridiculed”. According to this article, to break this behavior we have to know what’s driving it so we know what that’s the source of our most limiting and or self destructive tendencies.

Another article that called “Finding yourself is harder than you think” by Trevin wax. In this article she talks about discovering yourself is impossible unless you reference other people. I feel like that is very true because it states in the article” when you are most dedicated to standing out and being different from others, you are still defining yourself in response to others”. This is true because anyone can admit that, whenever you are trying to fix yourself, where it’s your personal strengths or even the clothes you put on your body, you will always have In the back of your mind, the simple words” would this look right” meaning what would other people think?

In my third article it talks about “Why finding yourself is important for a fulfilling life” by TBD. They talk about different situations and why it is beneficial to your personal being. Spending time alone, traveling, trying new things and loving who you are.
Loving yourself talks about you are born with the skin that you are in now and that is never going to change. It’s important to learn to love yourself. The media gives you unrealistic goals of how we should look. Trying something new whether its an exercise class or some new food or even simply as new as home decor. It can give a fresh start to your life and can become exciting according to the article. Travel does wonders to open up your mind to experiences new things. Spending time alone is one of the most refreshing and reflecting things to do. It’s just you and your thoughts.

‘Finding Yourself’ Is Harder Than You Think

Why Finding Yourself Is Important For Living A Fulfilling Life

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