People’s Choice #8: Self-Help Critiques

For this week’s People’s Choice, you’ll be reading class blogs on your individual research of Self-Help Critiques and choosing your favorite post.

Comment here to register your vote, & don’t forget to include the name of your classmate, the link to their post, and your rationale for choosing it. Due Thursday, 4/22 by 9am. Happy reading/voting

9 thoughts on “People’s Choice #8: Self-Help Critiques”

  1. My People’s Choice goes to Anil for his post titled, “Finding yourself.”

    Finding yourself

    I chose his post because I really admire the topic he chose to research and write about. As stated by Anil, “Who are you? I feel this question comes up alot when dealing with anything. It can come up when terrible things happen, or good things happen. In my personal experience, that question comes up when you are trying to figure out what you are truly destined for. I personally believe before you are born you are destined for something, and throughout your life, you work things out, create new things, even try out new things just to figure out what it is. When I say “things” mean situations, goals to make for yourself to figure out what you like vs don’t.” In this quote, I liked how he mentioned his personal experience in his topic, along with the articles he wrote about that displays finding yourself in it.

  2. My People’s Choice this week goes to Courtney.

    Schizophrenia Lost in a World of Mindfulness

    I chose this post because it’s a topic that’s new to me and it’s never even occurred to me that meditation can negatively affect anyone, let alone someone with schizophrenia. Even with her presentation I like how she told us what schizophrenia is at the very beginning and the rest of her slides were very informative/ insightful. I also like how she related it to someone else in her life and read an excerpt from her friend’s book in order to fully understand this topic.

  3. I vote for Anil because I like his topic “ finding yourself.” However, I do feel like it is “out of range” because we were supposed to find articles that critique self-help. Moreover, he is missing to include the links to his 3 articles. Nevertheless, I wanted to vote for him to encourage him for his future blogs.

    Finding yourself

  4. My choice for people’s choice goes to Aryanna.

    Does Self Help = Self Inadequacy ?

    She did something I couldn’t do myself and that is find articles she enjoyed. I’m not sure where she went to find articles that she found so interesting but I was trying to do that and couldn’t even find articles that related to the main topic of my response. With every article she doesn’t just explain what is being discussed which is what I do, she explains it in a way where it feels personal and it feels more than just an explanation, it feels like a genuine response. She says this about one of the articles “I really enjoyed this article because it had a “real” feeling to it. I feel as though a lot of concepts in the genre of self-help can almost feel “magical” and unobtainable, and this article discusses the same feeling”.

  5. My vote for this weeks peoples choice goes to Ajah. I choose her because I think her topic is similar to mine. I think her articles and idea is pretty great. She also did a good job of explaining.


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