Class notes Tuesday April 20th 2021

We first discussed who will be presenting in order of first second and so on.
The order was
8- Reem

We talked about explorative research-learn the landscape key terms-second round of research (redux)
A good website to use would be Google Scholar

First presentation would be Courtney and her Topic was Schizophrenia vs Meditation.
-Some would characterize as crazy.
-Mental Atrophy (loose part of your brain).
-Painful memorize.
-Insomnia ,Negative side effects of meditation
-Different side effects of meditation were listed.
-Warning about mediation (precautions and negative side effects).
-Schizophrenia is widely understood.
-A book called living thoughts (encouraged everyone to take a look at it)
-Meditation can be abused.

Introducing the topic (interest, significance-linking two terms together; research- question, introduction; citations, connect the dots (the “so what”)?

Niyomi went next.
First article talked about The lost art of concentration.
Second article talked about you will have the emotional reboot.
Third article talked about Stop beating yourself up.

Need citations for sources (both in-text and works cited at end)-but also integrated in to the discussion. Introduce the title, author, in the discussion, Each slide is like a body paragraph (each with a main idea, topic sentence/claim, evidence/analysis).

I then presented last. My topic was Finding yourself.

Who are you?
This question can come up a-lot and in a variety of different ways. You and only you know the answer to this question. Not a parent, sibling, teacher no one.

My first article talked about the past and how it has different ways of shaping you into who you are today. Painful early experiences carve you into how you define and defend yourself.
We grow up feeling on the defense or resistant to trying new challenges. According to the article, we need to get down to the root of what us causing this in order to break it.

My second article talked about Finding yourself is harder than you think.
You often reference other when people when you are discovering yourself.
According to the article you define you, no one else.

My third article discussed why finding yourself is important for a fulfilling life.
Doing things on your own can be beneficial to you.
Travel, it opens up your mind to new things.
Spending time alone, just to look and reflect on yourself and your thoughts.

We need to in other words, do a deeper dive in to our research. Next Class we will continue working on our presentations.

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