For this blog, we were assigned to do individual research and reading on self-help topics in preparation for our individual research project. The three sources of my own choosing consisted of three articles on the topic, “Self-Love.” The first article is titled, “In self-help, self-love world, what’s real love?” by Daniel Fusco. The second article is titled, “Why self-love is important and how to cultivate it,” by Ana Sandoiu. The third article is titled, “The Art of Self-Love,” by Alexandra Harra. I picked the topic, “Self-Love” because I felt like I could really relate to it and find a good connection from my research and reading. I also think that it would really help me because I have struggled with this on and off throughout most of my life for years.

In the article, “In self-help, self-love world, what’s real love?” by Daniel Fusco, he talked about how real self-love is spiritual. As stated in the article, “Daniel Fusco is the author of Crazy Happy, and lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington. His messages air weekly on the Hillsong Channel.” “Did you know you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself? In the same way, you can’t love anyone if you love yourself most.” (Fusco) This statement is something I have heard numerous times from family and friends, where I question myself on if I really understand and feel that way. “When we forget where we’ve come from, we lose the ability to meet people where they are.” (Fusco) I totally agree with this statement, because if you really do not know yourself, then how can you get to know someone else. This relates to loving yourself first, before you can love someone else.

In the article, “Why self-love is important and how to cultivate it,” by Ana Sandoiu, she talks about the importance of self-love and how to really bring it to life. “As many psychology studies attest, self-love and -compassion are key for mental health and well-being, keeping depression and anxiety at bay.” (Sandoiu) I totally agree that self-love is a key part of one’s mental health, along with physical health. “Most of the time, when we’re being too hard on ourselves, we do it because we’re driven by a desire to excel and do everything right, all the time. This entails a lot of self-criticism, and that persecutory inner voice that constantly tells us how we could’ve done things better is a hallmark of perfectionism.” (Sandoiu) I do at times find myself being too hard on myself when it comes to doing school assignments and stressing over the little things in life.

In the article, “The Art of Self-Love,” by Alexandra Harra, she talks about the art of self-love and the things you need to focus on. As stated in the article, “Alexandra Harra is a best-selling author, professional writer, relationship expert, and certified life coach. Her new book, The Karma Queens’ Guide to Relationships, will help you cultivate the relationships you deserve.” “Those who have it in their nature to love without limits ironically impede the pathways of self-love. The more they love another, it seems, the less they are able to love themselves.” (Harra) I totally agree this statement, and it is connected to the first article I read, “In self-help, self-love world, what’s real love?” by Daniel Fusco.

Powerpoint: Self-Love

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