Class notes 4/15/2021

– For Peoples Choice make sure you write exactly why you like your classmates posts and not “I like the post” or “it was interesting”.
– Reading and engaging in people’s post
About Event

– Asia enjoyed  it because it was very educational she liked how each participant talked about their experiences during the pandemic.
– Maria didn’t know what to expect she thought the event was going to be different
– For the spoken word portion of the event Maria thought she was a singer because she was trying to rhyme.                                                                                                                                – Anil thought that the spoken word was interesting
-Reem says that she had a lot of energy and was charismatic.
Ideology- a system of beliefs
“Ideology innocent”: techniques that are presented or promoted of value neutral
When you have a pen it allows you to write 

-Certain tools doesn’t allow us to do certain things, when we use mindfulness then we are being affected by the ideology it presents
– The gun is enabling a tool that allows people to blast at other people
The third part of the course is going to be our own research. The final project is going to be an individual research about any self help topic.
– Figure out what topic of self help you want to pursue and start your research , it can be something that you want to know more about or a way to improve yourself in that topic
– We would be told to do a proposal about the topic we picked and we would need to get an approval from our instructor, Find 3 self help critiques secondary sources (be creative) that deals with self help and that is challenging and critical.

We will be doing a 5-7 min presentation about what articles we chose and a summary of each(PowerPoint)







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