City Tech’s 40th Annual Literary Arts Festival

CUNY Chancellor Dr. Felix V. Matos made a brief introduction, he thanked the faculty professor and students.

Special thanks to Professor Caroline Hellman for organizing this festival.

“Your story matters, you matter, and we care.” (Caroline Hellman)

There was a display of NYC and City Tech’s school pictures, Professor Jill was remotely dancing =)

There was a brief poll about what is the best borough

Henry Mei told his story about being an student and a teacher at the same time.

Christopher Maglorie, a former student of City Tech and current registered nurse said: “the smallest thing you can do for people can impact them in a very meaningful way.” He told the story of one of his patients. in short, it was a reminder of the power of empathy and kindness.

Damitreze Poe told his story police racial discrimination.

Jesus Rojas told his story as freshman student.

Dannielle Sweat told her story as single mother, full time worker and part time  student.

James Burton told his story about small business, an ice cream shop.

Farouk Fares talked about how painting helped him to deal with the stress of the quarantine and the anger of racism.

Britney Bajnath, a photographer aspiring, told her story about taking pictures during the pandemic.

Kari Singletary, an essential worker, graduated nurse told her story about working in the hospital in times where the biggest influx of Covid-19 cases happened.

As a way to promote participation; there was a poll about how you prefer to show up in zoom in a dressy attire camera on OR in pajamas camera off?

4 panelist joined afterwards

Nim Tse; a Chinese native student, talked about being discriminated for his poor English skills, but in school he discovered that Chemistry was for him. He hopes to serve the community as future physician.

Rami Saeed; told us about his story of how he used the time of the quarantine to read as many as books.

Abigail Thomas; told her story as a transgender woman and stressed us out about being advocates. She said in order to be advocates we do not need money only to be good humans with good intentions.

Mamadou Diallo; described his story about being raised by his grandmother.

Mijori Goodwin sang a song named “still”

Special Guest Poet, actor, and performing artist Staceyann Chin, displayed poetry focused on topics of social media, family, racial discrimination, and the trolls on social media. I agree with her that trolls find “courage” behind a screen, however I disagree with her on the way she “responded” to her troll.   well. it is a tendency of mine, that even if I am insulted, I do not reply with insult. I am proud of that because English is not my first language and I still can find enough words to reply without resourcing to insults nor slangs.


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