The 40th Annual Literary Arts festival -2021

This festival consisted of several different students sharing their thoughts and own personal experiences on COVID-19 and what they got out of it. They shared their vulnerability and reflected on their situations. I will list and describe 4 students out of many that stood out with their personal experiences.

The first students name is Henry and his video he talked and showed about his daily life routine out of City Tech and how COVID really pushed him to the wall. It changed up his entire lifestyle.

The second student name is Chris and his story really hit me. His story was about working full time while going to school. He worked in the medical field and reveal a relationship with one of his patients he had got to be really close with. His patient had bone cancer and resisted any type of medical treatment, meaning no pills, nor medicine. He had sat down to watch the Kansas city Chiefs playoff game that would soon send Kansas city to the world series. He had asked his patient if he was a football fan and his patient replied to him, “I am more of a track kind of guy”. That question would lead them to a start of a conversation about track and field. Later he would leave the hospital that day after checking on his patient being fast asleep with the hospital wearing an oxygen make and tv on. The next day he would come to work and realize that maybe his patient had switch rooms so he went on to find out what room only to hear, his patient had passed away in the morning. He said he would never forget the last conversation he had with him.

The third student name Damitreze talked about him living in two different worlds. Black and white. He had shared two different encounters he had with police where he was searched with no probable cause. After these two situations, he-came across the idea that maybe he had fit the description.

The forth student named Jesus and he shared his experience spending time in the summer with his friends. Resulting the death of George Floyd, he joined the protest

The last student name Farouk demonstrated 2 paintings on Racial movement.

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