People’s Choice #7: Mindfulness and Its Critiques

For this week’s People’s Choice, you’ll be reading class blogs on Mindfulness & Its Critiques and choosing your favorite post.

Comment here to register your vote, & don’t forget to include the name of your classmate, the link to their post, and your rationale for choosing it. Due Thursday, 4/15 by 9am. Happy reading/voting

9 thoughts on “People’s Choice #7: Mindfulness and Its Critiques”

  1. My People’s Choice goes to Courtney for her post titled, “Meditation Self-Help Critiques.”

    Meditation Self-Help Critiques

    I chose her post because I really admired how she written out her post into 5 detailed paragraph on what mindfulness and meditation the 3 authors critiqued about. I agreed with her when she mentioned that the 3 articles that was assigned to read was very insightful. She managed to quote very valid points in each article and explained it in her own simple way, in which I understood.

  2. This week I choose Aryanna.

    Mindfulness and the critiques

    This week’s people’s choice was rather difficult for me. I find everyone did really well in the description and breaking down of each article. I choose Aryanna because of how she inserted her own experience in her response and how she made it understandable on a personal level. I also like her title change.

  3. Thanks all for these posts, and we had a ton of posts in the mix this week. Congrats to Reem & Aryanna, for tying for this week’s People’s Choice 🙂

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