After reading these three articles, they are quite similar but also quite different.
“The Mindfulness Conspiracy”, Ronald Purser talks about social theory and transformation and change. He says in our modern day mindfulness, what it does for us. Clears our mental state which helps us think and be better. All of these practices comes back to the spiritual philosophies when he thinks about Buddhism and Yoga. Mindfulness in its form helps with the idea of Capitalism. He says our situation we are living in is exhausting in other words. It is killing everything around us slowly. Making our mental state and judgment compromised in other words.
In the article “The Problem of Mindfulness” Sahanika Ratnayake. With her having her masters in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, she says mindfulness was very much in the air. Being raised as a Buddhist in two places, she has a long history with meditation although it has a-lot to do with her and cultural Catholics. At the university she learned psychotherapy to cope with her stress. She later found herself attached to schools or approaches marked by buddhist philosophy and meditation one of which was mindfulness. She was able to escape free and relaxed and able to step away from her feelings. Something about the mindfulness practice left her cultivated and encouraged and engaged with her emotions which turned out to making her feel free and estranged from life.
In the article “The mindfulness Revolution”,Kate picked talked about mindfulness and different techniques that associated with philosophy. Meditation is considered an essential meaning of achieving mindfulness which can simply be achieving your full attention of what you are doing.”One can work mindfully, parent mindfully and learn mindfully. One can exercise and even eat mindfully”. I guess she is trying to say, it is two different levels of doing someone when you are in the present vs when you are in the not pass but when your mind if not present. She also gives different examples of what mindfulness can be classified as. ” Engineers who write code often talk about being in the zone, the same way a successful athlete can be , which mindfulness teachers say is the epitome of being in the past and paying attention”. In other words of something I mentioned earlier.

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