The App I will be using for meditation is Buddhify.Ā  Here is the link:Ā

I am attaching here some pictures. I like it’s presentations. Very colorful ā™”ā™”ā™”Ā  Ā also becauseĀ  one can add extra wheels /options as seen in the last picture, there are options for thought times, mindful ninja, etc.

Buddhify includes options to meditate while you are walking orĀ  for when you can’t sleep. Which I find very useful. Because I hate to meditate being static, it gives me restlessness, so walking would definitively be a fun way to meditate.

I also looked into 2 other Apps, Better Me


Relaxing SoundsĀ 

I loved this secondĀ one for its compilationĀ of sounds.

Focusing in the past brings you Depression andĀ  Focusing in the future gives you anxiety therefore we need to love the present (THE POWER OF NOW). During my 14 days meditation I will focus in my present (breathing and thoughts).

4 thoughts on “MEDITATION APP”

  1. Maria, love that you included images of the apps (and I agree, the colors are fantastic!). Your post needs to be fleshed out more, however and include a discussion of the other apps you looked at, links for all apps discussed, which particular meditations (is there a series? structured program?) you plan to do for the 14 days, what your meditation plan (schedule/location) is, what you hope to get out of it. Looking forward to seeing your expanded post!

  2. I plan to do the meditation walking daily or when I do yoga.
    and as you can see on the Buddhify, there is a walking meditation option. And if I choose to meditate while streaching then I could use the Relaxing sounds app. Which has different sounds, no words, only sounds to meditate. This is a overview of my plan/.

  3. Moving meditation is certainly an interesting (and important) practice! For this project, though, because it is based around cultivating attention, stillness, holding space, and reflective writing immediately before and after, it is best to do a stationary meditation. Does Buddhify offer that option?

    Also, for this initial post (which is an important part of the Meditation Assignment), you need to include the discussion/evaluation/links of all the apps you evaluated for this project (the research aspect).

  4. YES, the Buddhify has options for static meditation. I’ll do that at home =)
    I have included the links of the 3 apps in my post.

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