I’m looking forward to starting this assignment so I can get back into meditating more often. Maybe a few years ago, I made it a habit to meditate as much as possible, some weeks I achieved every day, other weeks I only did it a few times a week. But the good thing was I was doing it and keeping up with it. Eventually, I lost touch with that habit, so I’m hoping this assignment brings me back into it.

The first app I looked at was the calm app because that’s the app we’ve been using in class Before when I was looking for different apps to use, I came across the calm app before. As I took a look at it again I realize why I was not a fan. To really get the benefits of any meditation they have, you have to be subscribed. I do realize that most meditation apps have some sort of subscription involved with them, but calm just did not provide enough for non-subscribers.

The next app I took a look at was Headspace Headspace is the app I started with in the first place when it came to meditation, so I was somewhat familiar with what the app had to offer. But since I hadn’t been on in a while I figure I should take another look. I’m glad I did because I realize that they were pretty much similar to calm if not worst, to use the majority of the courses you have to pay for a subscription. I do not remember it being so few options for non-subscribers so I’m assuming they changed the app around.

Lastly, I took a look at the app Insight Timer Once again I’ve been through this process before of looking for meditation apps, so I have come across Insight Timer before. But once again, I wanted to take another look. And I’m glad I did. I think before I avoided Insight Timer because I felt that their app had too much talking during the meditation. Though I like guided meditation, I’m not a fan of constant dialogue because it does not allow me to relax. But the app has so many options, I knew I was bound to find a meditation that I like for each day. So Insight Timer is the app I’m choosing. My goal is to meditate in the evenings because that is typically when I feel the most stressed with so many thoughts running through my head from the day. So about 6:00 PM is my goal for every day, and I will be doing it in my room because that’s usually where I can get the most peace with no distractions. The specific meditation I’m choosing is the “Learn How to Meditate In Seven Days meditation under the “Learning to Meditate” category”. Once those seven days are up I will do a mix of meditations from different categories such as “Self-Love”, and the “Managing stress” categories. (Those are the two categories I’m looking at but if a different one seems more fitting on that day then I might try that out.)





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  1. Aryanna, thanks for this detailed, honest evaluation of the different apps you explored. InsightTimer is a great choice!

    Which meditations are you going to do for the 14 days? Insight Timer has a number of programs (“Beginning Kits”) for those getting started, included a bunch under “Learning to Meditate” that have structured daily programs. Have you checked these out? If not, please do so and see if it makes sense for you to pursue one of them for this project.

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