I’ve always used meditation as a sleep aid, nor have I used guided meditation. It is my fear that certain voices with cause anxiety other than relaxation. While on the other hand other voices may be too relaxing. I am however excited to try this new experience. Meditation for me has always  consist of laying back and hugging an arm pillow and watch YouTube videos such as posted below.   This mixture of videos included anything from a lullaby to some calming music. Anything with a display you can get lost in. Closing my eyes will definitely be a challenge I am hopefully ready for.  When this experience is over I want to take away the ability to use meditation on a variety of thing in order to organize my life and inner strength. 

The three applications I choose are Guided Meditation and Relaxation by OuiApps, Calm Meditation, Sleep, Relax by, Inc., and Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness by Olson Meditation and Mindfulness Apps. I choose the Apps at random and tried each of them for one meditation session each and evaluated the rest of the content by skimming. 

Guided Meditation and Relaxation by OuiApps has a menu of nine categories to choose from which leads you to sessions under each selection. The duration of the audibles vary as do the voices even under the same topic. You have the ability to shuffle and put the playlist on repeat. There are however a lot of adds when changing menus . 

Guided Meditation & Relaxation – Apps on Google Play


Calm Meditation, Sleep, Relax by, Inc is an application I would not advise for anyone unless you would like to pay for stories told by different people from what you can actually preview. Most of the application is locked that tries to get you to purchase a year membership so it can be hard to judge an application based on limited clips available. I was however delighted to see “How are You Feeling” check in on the application. The application also has more content than the previous app and this includes music. 

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax – Android app on AppBrain

Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness by Olson Meditation and Mindfulness Apps is a forced completion application which I found very interesting. Based on the limitations I am not sure if you can move from “Foundations” in the app to “Work” unless completed because of the required membership. Lesson one basics gives you tools on how to meditate. I have to admit even though the app is very limited I like the voice the app choose to use even though it’s a voice with an accent.  This however is the only application that doesn’t seem to play if you minimize the application from your screen. 

Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness – Apps on Google Play


I decided to use Guided Meditation and Relaxation by OuiApps because you have more flexibility , there is no pressure to sign up for a membership each time you click something, and I can shuffle playlists. The ability to choose different topics and start where I want is amazing! I would use this application for ten to fifteen minutes a night as I work overnight. So about an hour after I wake up I will engage in a session. The pillow I just purchased for a Japanese style dinning set will be perfect to set up against the wall . Mindfulness and Deep Muscle options in the menu looks like an interesting place to start. I plan to choose from different categories based on the subject that would help me most that day. Also I would determine audible choice based on narrator’s voice.  








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  1. Courtney, thanks for such a thoughtful evaluation of various apps (I loved that you tried out different meditations before choosing one). Guided Meditation and Relaxation by OuiApps sounds like a good choice … you mentioned that there were 9 categories to choose from. Are you planning to pursue a particular category for each of the 14 days, or are there specific structured programs you will work on daily? (Also, love that you are going to use your new pillow to sit on … I have a meditation cushion myself and it really has made the meditation experience much more enjoyable 🙂 )

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