Class Notes: Thursday (04/08)

After taking attendance at the beginning of the class, professor noted the agenda for the day’s class. Then we moved on to a daily meditation as a class from the app call Calm. After doing the about 10-minute meditation, we were asked to do a 5-minute freewriting prompt, “How do you hold space for difficult or strong emotions?” But we defined and explained the freewriting prompt first before we individually did it.

  • Holding space is providing a space to allow whatever arises in your feelings to just be there and allowing it pass through you.

Then we were asked by professor to feel free to share our reflection in our freewriting, where the following students below shared, and they connected with it the “Power of Now:”

  • Maria – Having strong or difficult emotions is acknowledging them. Relates to “actionless activity” (Tolle 215)
  • Reem – There can not always be a balance of emotions or else everything will be dull. You really have to feel different emotions to know what way those emotions really mean to us, in if it is difficult or not. The way you hold space is realizing that it is part of a bigger process that makes us differentiate and accept them to pass.
  • Aryanna – You have to acknowledge your emotions and why you are feeling those emotions, on if it was an event or past memory that took place to cause you to feel those emotions. You are not the emotion, for it something that cause it for you to feel the way you do. Once you deal with that, then you deal with the emotion, where each time you will get better.

SAIN- Stop Acknowledge Investigate Non-Identification

We then went on to speak about the meditation assignment some more on the guidelines, instructions and how to submit it. Then we moved on to group discussions for about 20 minutes on the book, “The Power of Now.” We were placed in groups of three, with a total of 3 groups.

  • Group 1 consists of Aryanna, Reem and Robby.
  • Group 2 consists of Courtney, Niyomi and I.
  • Group 3 consists of Anil, Crystal and Maria.

After the group discussions, we came back together as a class and briefly spoke about the main ideas of “The Power of Now:”

  • observing the thinker, accepting current situation, non-judging, non-activity
  • Tolle pg. 228 (1)
  • Tolle pg. 22: addiction to thinking (compulsive thinking)
  • duality of everything
  • suffering / happiness
  • chapter 2: negative emotions feeding negative emotions.

NB: We will further discuss more of the main ideas in the next class.

For Next Week’s Class on Tuesday 04/13:

  1. Read – “The Mindfulness Revolution” (Kate Pickert), “The Mindfulness Conspiracy” (Ronald Purser), and “The Problem of Mindfulness” (Sahanika Ratnayake)
  2. Due – Reading Response #8: Mindfulness & Its Critiques (categorize as “self-help critiques”), Work on Meditation Assignment
  3. (Optional) Extra Credit Opportunity: Literary Arts Festival (attend event & blog by start of class on Th 4/15)
  4. Class Notes will be done by Anil.

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