With this upcoming meditation assignment I’m hoping I will become a more relaxed and positive person. The app that I hope I can use is called Dare. 

I might be more biased in choosing this app because I have used it before and I already pay for the premium membership, but after exploring the guided meditations section I still think it’s the right fit for me. I’ve found it to be very helpful during times where I felt really stressed or anxious and my mood changed completely after listening to a recording, so I think it’s perfect that I also realized they have a section for guided meditations. I find the person’s voice very soothing, so I know I can handle these guided meditations that are around 20-29mins. I also like that I can journal everyday if I wanted to on the app. There are even other topics I can browse if I am going through something one day and want to listen to other clips. In the future however I do know I will need to use a different app if I want to listen to more guided meditations than the 20 they offer here, these will only last me for our two week project. I plan on just listening to each one in order. These guided meditations are all found under the Guided Meditations folder.













The other apps I had downloaded and gave a try were Calm
( and MyLife ( & With Calm I do like that they ask specific questions to personalize your experience but a few things I wanted to try out I would need to have a premium subscription. On MyLife there was no specific section for guided meditations, but they did have a handful meditations for certain topics. I noticed that there was an option for a male or female narrator before playing each audio recording. The app even includes a daily check in, which also tells you what you should try to listen to based on your logged emotion, and it lets you track how you feel before meditating and after meditating. If I couldn’t use the Dare app for this 2week meditation assignment, I would rather give MyLife a try.

During the two weeks, I plan on just meditating every night before bed.

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  1. Crystal, Dare sounds good, and I fully support continuing to work with and further explore a program you are already finding beneficial for you. Could you provide a little more detail about the particular meditations you will do for the 14 days? Is there a series (or structured program) you will be working with, or different ones each day? When/where do you plan to meditate each day? (also, please remember to edit / provide links).

    1. Yes! Under the Guided Meditations folder there’s 20 different audio recordings and I plan on just listening to the first 14 each day. I also updated my blog with links to each app and images of the Dare app homescreen. I am also going to meditate in my room before bed, most likely on the floor.

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