I am really excited for this upcoming meditation assignment! Lately things have been a bit chaotic and stressful and I feel like this assignment will push me to set aside time for myself to reflect and relax. I have chosen the meditation app called Sakeenah it combines meditation with islamic approaches. I think this will suit me best because it will have a double positive, it will help me relax as well as integrate my religion and its unique approaches to meditation. This upcoming month is Ramadan the holy month for muslims in which they reflect and give thanks to all that we are blessed with. In the month of Ramadan muslims are meant to deeply reflect within themselves and try to take the month to better themselves, what a coincidence that this assignment has come about in the same time that Ramadan is approaching. Im excited to integrate this assignment with this upcoming holy month and really reflect and hopefully introduce a new beneficial approach to meditation. The app Sakeenah has many different features and specific meditations for anxiety, sleep, organization, and emotions. It also has religious approaches like moral sleep stories which incorporate historic stories in islam that help you sleep better as well as losses and saber which is meant to help you learn to deal with whatever befalls you through the teachings of islam. All in all I am very excited for this assignment and the timing of it. I hope to benefit a lot and improve on organization and de-stressing.

This is the link to the Sakeenah App

I looked at many different apps including

Calm (,



They all are very popular and from what I read very useful to their users. I chose Sakeenah because it had aspects of these apps but also included a personal aspect for me that the others dont have. Sakeenah integrates the approaches of common meditation apps while also including islamic approaches.

I am currently traveling at the moment so there isnt a single place I plan on doing my meditations rather whatever setting I am in I’m going to try to find the beauty and peacefulness and really ground myself. I feel like not having one set place to meditate will help me because I am person who likes consistency and I sometimes get anxiety in new situations so hopefully this will help me be more comfortable in new situations. The app has many different categories so depending on the day and how I am feeling I can choose a specific category for that day. I am looking forward to this 14 day experiment and hopefully its something I can continue on doing post the 14 days.

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  1. Reem, thanks for this post … I’m really glad to hear that you are looking forward to the ways in which this meditation assignment can support you and your work in the current moment. I also appreciate your introducing me to Sakeenah … could you provide a link so I can check it out (I’m not familiar with it yet)? Also, you need to include a discussion of the other apps you explored/evaluated, links for all apps discussed, which particular meditations (is there a series? structured program?) you plan to do for the 14 days, and what your meditation plan (schedule/location) is. Looking forward to seeing your expanded post!

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