For this upcoming assignment I am actually really curious to see how it will affect me. I never really believed in all that spiritual stuff so that’s probably why I never meditated in the first place but because I have to I am interested in seeing how it will actually affect me. If I’m being honest, after meditating I expect to open my eyes to a brighter and much happier seeming world. Of course it may seem brighter because my eyes were closed for so long but at the same time I expect a feeling of bright happiness to take place. For the first time ever I will continuously practice meditation and if it really does work and I do it properly, my mental state should change drastically. 

I looked through the mobile apps, Headspace, , Mindfulness and Insight Timer and decided on Insight Timer. The reason I chose this app was because compared to the other apps it not only had a lot of options for guided meditations which is what I was supposed to be looking for, it was very fast and simple. The other apps didn’t seem to have that big a catalog and it didn’t feel all that simple. The insight app even lets you pick how much time you expect to meditate so you can look through meditations that range around the time of your choice. I already know what i’m going to use for my log and journaling. 

The only thing I fear is I hope I don’t lose interest too fast which I tend to do. I can see myself letting 3 minutes pass and thinking to myself “MAN HOW MUCH TIME IS LEFT IM BORED” or “If I stop now no one will be able to tell” or even doing the whole thing and feeling like it was so much of  a waste of time I never want to do it again and I struggle to find the motivation to go again. But to avoid this I will not only turn off my phone but I will schedule a time to do it so I have no excuse to tell myself to just do it later.

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  1. Robby, thanks for this post and your honest self-reflection about your relationship to meditation. I’m glad you will have this sustained opportunity to engage with the practice (and remember … meditation does not necessarily mean “spirituality”–putting it in ” ” because that word is already so ambiguous and over-wrought with cultural connotations).

    Which meditations are you going to do for the 14 days? Insight Timer has a number of programs (“Beginning Kits”) for those getting started, included a bunch under “Learning to Meditate” that have structured daily programs. Have you checked these out? If not, please do so and see if it makes sense for you to pursue one of them for this project. Also, please remember to edit your post to include links.

    1. I’ve linked the apps, and yes I have planned on using the beginner kits, particularly the one with structured daily programs. Wow, and I just realized I said I was going to turn off my phone as if the app im using isn’t on my phone. Hopefully after these meditations im not so dense.

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